Being a guest at a wedding these days is getting expensive.  Most the time you are either traveling, needing a hotel room, or attending bachelorette parties and bridal party showers all year long! It is always so much fun, and I know everyone makes a strong effort to be there, but what if you just can’t?  Well we now have a solution for you! Live Connections – live video streaming!  This way your guest won’t have any FOMO (fear of missing out) on your big day.

Curious to find out how it works? “On your invitation ask that they indicate how they will attend, At the Venue____ or At our Wedcast______. We put the link on your wedding website and then send the link to all who indicated they will attend online. It’s private and the number of attendees is unlimited. All they need is broadband, their computer or wide screen tv, and the link. They will receive instructions on how to set up their computer if changes need to be made for viewing.” – Live Connections 

Tip :: Maybe you don’t want a huge wedding? This can be a great substitute for cutting down numbers.  People will still feel included, get to witness your nuptials, and you won’t feel overwhelmed with hundreds of people at your wedding.

Click here to watch some live productions! 

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