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May Photo of the Week! : Kristyn Hogan Photography

Happy May, everyone!

We have decided to re-vamp our ‘Photo of the Week’ series! Each week we will choose one of our amazing photographers photos to share on our blog. This is a great way to get to know our photographers, their work and their style.

Kicking off the (re-vamped) series is this phenomenal and touching photo from our very own, Kristyn Hogan Photography. This photo captures such sweet moments within this newly wed couple. We would love to hear your feedback! Leave us a comment below!


Wolfe Gourmet Cakes

Hello everyone and Happy April! It’s officially Spring and we are thrilled! Although it doesn’t feel like it, just yet, we know it will in no time!

This week’s vendor spotlight is on Nicole Wolfe, owner and founder of Wolfe Gourmet Cakes. She has been with StudioWed since nearly the beginning and we just love her…and her cakes are AMAZING! Read below to get to know more about her and her work!


About Wolfe Gourmet Cakes : 

Nicole Wolfe was born and raised in the greater New Orleans area, growing up around some of the most delicious and diverse cuisine in the world. While attending college at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, her love of baking and cooking grew as she worked towards her degree in Hospitality Management. After graduating, she realized her passion was not in management, but in actual hands-on production and development of gourmet cuisine. The foundation was laid for her pastry career at Flour Power in Chalmette, LA under the tutelage of Doyle Deforrest. In 2004, she accepted a career opportunity in Nashville, TN. Since then, Wolfe has worked as a pastry chef in several of Nashville’s most prestigious restaurants and catering venues including: Watermark, The Red Pony, The Bake Shoppe, and The Turnip Truck Gulch location.




Wolfe’s long-time goal has been to own her own cake and dessert business, and in 2011, she opened Wolfe Gourmet Cakes. She was  delighted to have the opportunity to team up with Chef Jason McConnell again, and kick start her business off at McConnell House. Wolfe Gourmet Cakes is now located in Sylvan Park at 4611 Alabama Ave., Nashville, TN 37209. By appointment only.

Get to Know Nicole Wolfe : 

1. My favorite vacation spot is anywhere off the grid and away from my kitchen!

2. When I’m not going at full steam, I like going to dinner. Josephine, Lockeland Table, and Little Octopus are favorites. I’m an Eastside girl, so 3 Crow, Red Door, and Fran’s if I can stay up late enough.

3.I love going to Saints games, but I’d be lying if I said I was a die hard fan. I just can’t plan my life around sporting events, but I’m always up for games whether they are of the board or drinking variety.

4. I would like to think my work ethic and attention to detail make me send out. I am very committed to using high quality ingredients and making everything from scratch. You will not find any Betty Crocker BS up in my kitchen.

5. My ideal day starts at about 5am. I answer emails, go over orders, place orders for supplies I may need. If I am really busy, I get to the kitchen early and stay until 5 or 6. I do everything from dishes to consultations, but I have been letting go of some things and focusing more on the actual growth of my business.



Wolfe Gourmet Cakes offers :

Wedding cakes, custom cakes, king cakes, breakfast pastries, petite pastries(tarts, macarons, eclairs, profiteroles, etc.), pies, plated deserts



Get in Touch : 

Nicole Wolfe, Owner


Fun Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding!



Mingling with all of your guests on your special day can be challenging, but having a guest book where guests can leave their wishes and memories of the happy couple can make things a lot easier for everyone and leave the couple with something to help them relive that glorious day. Read on for some creative twists on the classic tradition.

Wish Upon A Ribbon: As guests enter the ceremony, assign someone to hand them 2-inch-wide and about 2-feet-long satin ribbon pieces in your wedding colors, plus a pen to write a message (you might need a fabric pen). A few minutes before the ceremony, have someone gather the ribbons and tie them to the ceremony arbor or archway. It’s especially great for outdoor ceremonies, as the ribbons will flutter in the breeze. And if that’s too labor intensive? Use wishing stones instead! During the ceremony , they can write down wishes they have for the newlyweds and at the end of the ceremony, can drop them into a large vase that you can display in your home.

Shell Collection: If your wedding has a beach or underwater theme, shells could be a possible way to go. Place a bounty of shells on a table with some markers and your guests can leave “pearls” of wisdom or just a happy message for the bride and groom. You can change it up depending on your theme. For example, if you’re having a ski themed wedding, buy a blank ski and have guests sign.

Canvas Art: Prop a blank canvas from an art store and place art supplies on a nearby table. Guests can autograph and illustrate the canvas, giving you a one-of-a-kind original piece of art to take home.

Sewn with Love: Hang small squares of fabric from a string and encourage guests to sign. Then when your day is over, you can take them to a local seamstress and have them turn it into a sentimental quilt.

A Board Full of Envelopes: Mini envelopes are attached to a wooden board. Guests write their sentiments, tuck it in an envelope and seal it up for the newlyweds to read later.

These are just a FEW ideas of what you could have at your wedding! If you try any of these ideas, please email us pictures, we would love to see what you decided on for your wedding!

Vendor Spotlight : Petals and Fields

Happy Spring, everyone! With spring in the air, what better time than to share with your our preferred florist, Petals and Fields! Alina has such a beautiful style! Get to know this awesome Nashville Florist with today’s blog!

About Petals and Fields:

From draping garlands of ivy, custom backdrop installations, breathtaking centerpieces, to whimsical hand-tied bouquets, Petals & Fields has the passion for creativity that has consistently left the viewer inspired by their designs.

There are no floral limits at Petals & Fields.
Nothing makes Petals & Fields more happy than to fulfill your floral dream. You will learn very quickly how excited we get simply talking about Flowers & Designs for your Wedding day!
We cannot wait to meet you.

Get to know Alina: 

1. What is your favorite vacation spot? — Any Beach in Sunny California

2. Favorite Nashville hangout? —  Pinewood social

3. What is your favorite sport? — Volley ball :)

4. What makes you stand out? —  I believe what makes me stand out is that I love meeting new people & am one  bubbly florist

5. What does your ideal day look like? —  Lots of laughter with family & friends….and cooking a bomb meal


What Petals and Fields Offers:

Organic, luxury designs with a phenomenal team that creates your perfect event!

Contact info: