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Photo of the Week : Courtney Davidson Photography

We are so excited to welcome one of our newest photographer vendors, Courtney Davidson! She does fantastic work! Here is one of her photos that we absolutely fell in love with! If you are interested in Courtney Davidson, be sure to check out more of her work!


Bachelorette Party Etiquette


A bachelorette party can be a great way to celebrate with your friends, have some fun, and take a break from wedding planning before the big day. Whether you are all going on a trip together or are having a night on the town, here is a breakdown of planning dos and don’ts.

The event usually happens around two months before the wedding but can be thrown within weeks of it, too—just not the night before, unless you want to relive The Hangover.

Whether a cocktail party, a night at a club, or a weekend at the shore, the maid of honor is most often the party planner, but anyone can pull together this girls’ gathering. Everyone pays her own way, with the hostess covering the cost for the bride (unless ’maids or invitees are asked to chip in). The organizer should talk to attendees first about how much they can spend.

Whoever throws it will likely consult with you on the guest list, which should include the wedding party (minus junior ’maids), sisters, and close girlfriends. This is typically the final soirée that happens the closest to the wedding, so a relaxing escape, rather than a wild weekend, may be how you prefer to toast single life. Surprises are fun, but the host should keep your personality in mind. There’s no need to plan a raucous escapade if you would prefer an activity like relaxing at a friend’s cabin, taking a private cooking class led by a personal chef, or embarking on a ski retreat at nearby slopes.

Julia Lake, owner of Napa Valley Event Planning could not have said it better, “You primp, sip Champagne, then hit the town.”

Formal invites aren’t necessary for this event. A simple group message or email will get the job done perfectly! Lingerie is an expected bachelorette gift, says Lake. What’s not? “Something else that makes the bride feel pretty and pampered, like a gift card for a massage or a blowout,” she says. Dressing up in coordinated outfits or according to a theme can be a blast, but keep in mind any guest limitations. Not everyone can afford a planned elaborate costume for one evening. Instead try using dress code guidelines with flair like “beach babe” or “garden party goddess.”

Pen-and-paper notes—not e-mails, texts, posts, or tweets—are the only polite way to show appreciation for gifts. (Ask your MOH to help by keeping a list of who gave what.) If the hostess has been working with you on the theme, menu, and details, send her a thank-you gift in advance that could be used for the party, like a flower arrangement that can serve as a centerpiece.



Why Save The Date? : Emily O. Holmes

We absolutely love this blog post from our very own ‘custom paper lovlies’ vendor, Emily O. Holmes! Not only does she express how uniquely important ‘Save the Dates’ are, but she also included a picture of some of her very own Save The Date pre-invitations! They are beyond lovely! After reading her post and taking a glimpse of her Save The Date creations, you will definitely want to see more! Check out Nashville’s own, Emily O. Holmes!

Why Save the Date?

August 12th, 2015

After the ring is on your finger, you have had a few months of planning, and the guest list is slowly climbing, it is time to help inform your world that they need to save that date! Save-the-dates are very important and make your guests feel like VIPs because they know they have been chosen to attend your wedding.


Your guests might want a nice heads up about the wedding in order to help secure their travel plans, arrange their busy schedules, or ask for days off work. However, these pre-invitations are also a first glance into your wedding, you as a couple, and how you will treat your guests on your big day. A “Save the Date” should reflect the couple as well as provide the crucial information to attend the event.



This pre-invitation should go out about 6 to 9 months prior to the event, giving your guests an adequate amount of time to secure any plans on their end.

With many different selections of Save-the-Dates, EOH works diligently to provide a glimpse into your wedding and style, while also gracefully presenting all necessary information. As you keep planning your wedding, piecing together details, and securing vendors, you can rest assured knowing your guests will be in attendance for this special day.


Detail Photos : Kristyn Hogan Photography

On your wedding day AKA the biggest day of your life, you will want to make sure that every detail and every aspect is captured throughout the day. Not only when it comes to yourself and your partner getting ready, but more the details that could be easily forgotten.

Every detail matters. Your favors, coffee bar, centerpieces, and every other detail that goes into making your wedding special. Make sure that your photographer and/or videographer knows that these details are important to you, because whats important to you is important to them.

Check out some of these awesome detail snap shots from one of our lovely photographer vendors, Kristyn Hogan. These photos capture certain details of this wedding perfectly!





As always, please let us know what you think of this blog post and feel free to send us any questions you may have about your wedding! We love to help!