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We hope that everyone has had a spectacular start to their new year! In honor of this fabulous new year, we thought that we would share this wonderfully heart warming photo with you! We love happy couple in love! This photo may have been taken in New Orleans, but don’t let that mistake you for the beautiful work this Franklin based photographer does around Nashville.

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Photo of the Week

This week’s photo of the week is by the very talented, StudioWed vendor, Maile Lani. This photo beautifully and perfectly captures the wonder and prestige of autumn. We love how so very simply stunning this photo is! You can definitely feel the love between these two, and it makes your heart so happy! We hope you enjoy this photo as much as we do!

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photo by maile lani

post by meta lake


Are you looking for a way to donate to a charity during your wedding? We have just the thing for you! It’s as easy as serving wine at your wedding! What?! Yes, you read that correctly!

ONEHOPE is a social enterprise that integrates causes into products and services to make a social impact. Every type of wine that ONEHOPE makes, is individually linked to a charity. So the type of charity you decide to support is decided based upon the type of wine you want to purchase. ONEHOPE not only does this with wine, but also with coffee and tea! This is a wonderful and easy way to incorporate philanthropy into your wedding day!


If this isn’t your thing, there are many other ways that you can donate or help charities on your big day. Some couples decide to donate to a charity of their choice instead of giving favors. You could put a charity of your choice on your wedding registery, or donate your wedding bouquet to a hospice to brighten someones day, you could donate your dress to a charity or to an auction whose proceeds go straight to that certain charity.

There are a billion and one other ways to make your special day not only special for you, but also for those in need. We hope that some of these ideas have inspired you to give back at your wedding!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board


This inspiration board is focused on the loveliness of a winter wedding! Not too many people think of having a winter wedding because of the cold, the empty look of nature, and the drearyness. When in fact, you could have a beautiful wedding in the winter! Yes, wedding pictures outside would be chilly, but think of how neat they would look! There’s something about the look of a white wedding dress against white snow that looks so magical.

As far as your color scheme goes, you’re really able to choose any color, pattern, and style. We think the glitter and shimmery linens (bottom right) look stunning! You would never think of a sequin table cloth as being neutral, but it is! You’re able to add just about any color or pattern and it will absolutely compliment your table cloth!

In this inspiration board, you see white bouquets, blue accents and decorations. While these look fantastic for a winter wedding, don’t feel like that’s the scheme you have to choose! Unlike a spring or fall wedding where there can be a feeling of having to choose certain colors and flowers, with a winter wedding, just about every color and pattern works perfectly!

StudioWed is wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!