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Photo(s) of the Week!

We love this beautiful photo taken by our very own, Kristyn Hogan! This wedding was put together by another SW preferred vendor, Fete Nashville!

Check out this fabulous wedding.

You can’t miss the spectacular cake made by SW preferred vendor, Wolfe Gourmet Cakes.

Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_01Rich & Memree have the most amazing historic home in Nashville and for their wedding day they envisioned a candlelit dinner party under the stars with their closest friends & family. Seeing their dream come to reality was amazing and it was such an honor to document their celebration of love! Enjoy this sneak peek, with more fun moments & details on our Facebook page.
Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_02Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_03Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_04Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_05Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_06Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_07Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_08Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_09Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_10Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_11Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_12Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_13Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_14Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_15Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_16Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_17Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_18Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_19Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_20Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_21Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_22Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_23Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_24Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_25Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_26Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_27Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_28Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_29Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_30Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_31Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_32Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_33Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_34Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_35Nashville_Garden_And_Gun_Wedding_36Congratulations, Rich & Memree! We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon in St. Barths and wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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Wedding Spotlight: A Delightful Day Event Planning

We couldn’t help, but (swoon) and share this wedding done by our very own preferred event planning company, A Delightful Day…and my-oh-my does this wedding day look very delightful! We would love to hear your feedback on this wedding, so leave us a comment letting us know what you think!


This Green Wedding Shoes featured wedding was such an honor to help create! Jenna and Jared wanted to steer away from trends and really focus  how they could express their personalities in a unique way. Since the groom was Austrailan, they went for an Aussie flare and the bride, being a stylist, designed her own breathtaking dress. It was so fun to watch them take parts of everything that they love and incorporate it into an absolutely stunning day!













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Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas!



Mingling with all of your guests on your special day can be challenging, but having a guest book where guests can leave their wishes and memories of the happy couple can make things a lot easier for everyone and leave the couple with something to help them relive that glorious day. Read on for some creative twists on the classic tradition.

Wish Upon A Ribbon: As guests enter the ceremony, assign someone to hand them 2-inch-wide and about 2-feet-long satin ribbon pieces in your wedding colors, plus a pen to write a message (you might need a fabric pen). A few minutes before the ceremony, have someone gather the ribbons and tie them to the ceremony arbor or archway. It’s especially great for outdoor ceremonies, as the ribbons will flutter in the breeze. And if that’s too labor intensive? Use wishing stones instead! During the ceremony , they can write down wishes they have for the newlyweds and at the end of the ceremony, can drop them into a large vase that you can display in your home.

Shell Collection: If your wedding has a beach or underwater theme, shells could be a possible way to go. Place a bounty of shells on a table with some markers and your guests can leave “pearls” of wisdom or just a happy message for the bride and groom. You can change it up depending on your theme. For example, if you’re having a ski themed wedding, buy a blank ski and have guests sign.

Canvas Art: Prop a blank canvas from an art store and place art supplies on a nearby table. Guests can autograph and illustrate the canvas, giving you a one-of-a-kind original piece of art to take home.

Sewn with Love: Hang small squares of fabric from a string and encourage guests to sign. Then when your day is over, you can take them to a local seamstress and have them turn it into a sentimental quilt.

A Board Full of Envelopes: Mini envelopes are attached to a wooden board. Guests write their sentiments, tuck it in an envelope and seal it up for the newlyweds to read later.

These are just a FEW ideas of what you could have at your wedding! If you try any of these ideas, please email us pictures, we would love to see what you decided on for your wedding!