Dresses aren’t the only things that change styles from year to year! Last month Ashley’s Bride Guide interviewed StudioWed Bakery, Crumb de la Crumb, on the most recent trends in the wedding cake realm.

Here are a few excerpts from the original post!

– Vintage is huge.

From patterns to actual cake toppers, antique touches are finding their way all over cake world!  That vintage-y, Anthropologie style infusion that’s hitting the event world big right now is being reflected right down to the dessert.

– Tall tiers!

As a tiered cake lover myself, I’m all about the towering, visually stimulating styles of this trend. Love it.

– Details are where it’s at.

“This year, details and embellishments are taking cakes to another level of gorgeous! More brides and grooms are shying away from simplistic designs and opting for cakes with elaborate styles that give cakes that extra ‘wow’ factor.”  This also leads into the next trend….

– Glam factor.

From Martha Stewart Weddings to Weddings Unveiled, anywhere you look, sparkly brooches, rhinestones, shimmer, and glitter are EVERYWHERE.  Invading everything from your bouquet to your cake, bling reigns supreme.

If you’d like for us to set up an appointment for you to meet with Lorie from Crumb de la Crumb, email us at leigh@studiowed.net or call 615-739-5477!

~ Kelly