If you tuned in last week, I explained that the number-one priority for our wedding day to me is sufficient, beautiful, lovely, extensive documentation of the day. I am pouring my heart and soul into the planning and execution of our wedding and while it is obviously not the be-all-end-all of our MARRIAGE, it is a huge milestone and a symbolic ritual celebrating our love for one another and our lifelong dedication to each other in front of God and our loved ones. It’s the kickoff of our marriage. And as crucially important as those vows are going to be, I don’t want to forget a single line.

I want to relive the moment Drew sees me for the first time as his bride {a vision in white!}. I want to eternalize the change in my father’s countenance as he meets me at the stairs when I come to walk down the aisle. And as much as I know I’m probably going to sob my ways through my vows, I want to be able to hear them over and over. I want to hear Drew take me as his wife, “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for as long as we both shall live.” I’ll hear it all on the day-of, of course, but judging from my experience getting engaged, it goes by SO FAST. The day will be a blur of excitement, happiness, euphoria, and blissful chaos. I’ll be present in it, but I don’t want a second of it to get lost. I want to hold on to it.  I want to show it to my children, let them hear their mother’s and father’s voices making that commitment years ago.  I want to watch it with my husband on every anniversary, hear our dear friends singing and playing heartwrenching violin solos.  I want to be able to see my sweet infant niece carried by her father years after she’s grown.  I want to have a lasting record of Drew’s and my grandmothers dancing and laughing with friends.  I want to hear the prayer said over me by my bridesmaids minutes before we make our descent down the stairs, long after it’s been said.  I want to be 92, holding my husband’s wrinkled hand, and watch the look on his face as the seventy-years-younger image of myself walks down the aisle to the song he wrote me decades and decades ago.

As my dear friend Lynette has said, time and time again, “Sometimes only video will do.”  Fortunately for Drew and myself, Lynette and her amazing team at McNeal Wedding Films will be documenting every step, laugh, banter, smile, tear, and song on our wedding day.  From the moment my mother and sister help me into my dress  until Drew and I climb into our getaway car and wave goodbye, we will have our most special day taped start-to-finish.  We will have the tremendous fortune to relive every moment in vivid detail.

Things I’m particularly excited to have recorded forever:  My hilarious sister giving her speech. {There is NO telling what will come out of her mouth.} Our vows, of course. Dancing with my husband and my father. Our officiant’s spiel on making a lasting marriage. Friends dancing ridiculously. AST’s traditional sorority sing.  Feeding each other delicious wedding cake. Inevitably crying all day long. Being announced in as husband and wife! Our declaration as “Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dellinger!” So, so many moments.

Lynette, I am so blessed to have you as a friend and colleague. I have tremendously enjoyed the past eight months of working with you directly, listening to your sound advice, sharing stories, and seeing weddings through your eyes. Drew and I are so so so excited to have you be right there with us throughout our wedding day… thank you for everything!!!


~ Kelly