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Rewards_imageWelcome StudioWed Bride & Groom!

We would like to reward you for being a StudioWed client. You will get incentives from vendors based on the number of vendors you book within the StudioWed family of vendors. To receive proper point credit and select rewards, email your confirmed list of booked StudioWed vendors to

How The Program Works

For each vendor you book at StudioWed, you will earn 100 points.

2 StudioWed vendors – Choose 1 reward from vendors booked 

4 StudioWed vendors – Choose 2 rewards from vendors booked

6 StudioWed vendors – Choose 3 rewards from vendors booked

8 StudioWed vendors – Choose 4 rewards from vendors booked, and be entered into a drawing for a romantic evening for two, including dinner and hotel accommodations.