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1500 Southland Circle
Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30318

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Janet Howard Studio

I’m an emotion junkie, first and foremost. Genuine moments between people always give me a thrill, and I can’t get enough of them. Seeing tears well up in someone’s eyes, laughter between friends, bear hugs and joyful smiles — it’s the stuff life is made of and I love every minute of it. I feel so lucky and grateful to share these moments with my clients.
Every event has its own personality, just like every person. Some are bright, colorful and bold, and others are soft and sweet. I want your photos to reflect your personality and the style and feel of your event. Every wedding is different, so every wedding should look different. I get excited to choose and develop the post-processing techniques for each event to make the finished images a creative and personal reflection of both you and your event.

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