You probably think this blog is about dancing, don’t you? But it isn’t, this is merely a metaphor about planning your wedding. The wedding planning process is much like a dance though! Here are some tips to keep you light on your feet:

  • Pick your partners: Whether it’s your florist or a wedding dress boutique, you need to choose partners who work on your wedding that understand YOU and your style. Provide images of what you have in mind and ask about their experience within their industry. Selecting your wedding pros wisely in the beginning can impact smooth transitions in the future!
  • Take a deep breath: Learning to breathe through the planning process is definitely a must. Delays happen, employees change, vendors evolve. And with each change it may feel like another obstacle. But look at it as a new beginning in building an amazing team for your wedding! Change is inevitable, especially if you’re planning a wedding in an 18 month time frame.
  • Finding your balance: There will be trying times during the process, when you feel overwhelmed and dismayed (shocking we know)! Let us be clear, this is absolutely normal. Learn to balance the load! Unless you’re two weeks away without one vendor lined up, taking the time to work on the wedding once a day, or one day a week will SO help you in keeping yourself sane. All to often we see couples who jump in and get immersed without having a “plan” to plan. Setting aside a specific day of the week or time of day will keep you from burning out and the two of you from losing sight of the WHY.
  • Finishing strong: All the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted, but there’s something missing.’s you, on your wedding day! How often do you think that a couple has been so strategic in planning, but ends up working right up until they walk down the aisle or so much they don’t enjoy their festivities? Too often actually. And so we suggest this, delegate your Day-of! Even if you’ve been strong at planning through the process, having an extension of yourself to accomplish the tasks to finalize the day will make your wedding so much more enjoyable!  Wouldn’t you rather be getting ready with your bridesmaids instead of toiling around the tables lighting candles or making sure the escort cards are in alphabetical order after the wind blows them across the lawn? (YES that happens)…

They say life is a journey, not a destination. And wedding planning is no different! It’s a process, a dance, it’s the ebb and flow of your relationship. Your wedding day will reflect who the two of you are at this point in your lives. It’ll have ups and surely downs, but learning to take it all in stride will better equip you for the adventure that lies ahead both in the wedding and as newlyweds.

Making an appointment with our Studio Managers is absolutely free to couples planning their wedding. We invite you to contact us so we can help in any way! We are so fortunate to have a collective of the Tri-Cities’ most amazing wedding pros just waiting to work together to plan your perfect day at StudioWed Tri-Cities!

Would you care to dance?