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StudioWed Tri-Cities to host Free Events

We are so excited to announce our “How To” Series! Beginning in August, StudioWed Tri-Cities Professional members will host special events geared at helping you in your wedding planning journey! From tips to tricks, useful tools and event some freebies along the way!

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The Bridal Boogie

You probably think this blog is about dancing, don’t you? But it isn’t, this is merely a metaphor about planning your wedding. The wedding planning process is much like a dance though! Here are some tips to keep you light on your feet:

  • Pick your partners: Whether it’s your florist or a wedding dress boutique, you need to choose partners who work on your wedding that understand YOU and your style. Provide images of what you have in mind and ask about their experience within their industry. Selecting your wedding pros wisely in the beginning can impact smooth transitions in the future!
  • Take a deep breath: Learning to breathe through the planning process is definitely a must. Delays happen, employees change, vendors evolve. And with each change it may feel like another obstacle. But look at it as a new beginning in building an amazing team for your wedding! Change is inevitable, especially if you’re planning a wedding in an 18 month time frame.
  • Finding your balance: There will be trying times during the process, when you feel overwhelmed and dismayed (shocking we know)! Let us be clear, this is absolutely normal. Learn to balance the load! Unless you’re two weeks away without one vendor lined up, taking the time to work on the wedding once a day, or one day a week will SO help you in keeping yourself sane. All to often we see couples who jump in and get immersed without having a “plan” to plan. Setting aside a specific day of the week or time of day will keep you from burning out and the two of you from losing sight of the WHY.
  • Finishing strong: All the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted, but there’s something missing.’s you, on your wedding day! How often do you think that a couple has been so strategic in planning, but ends up working right up until they walk down the aisle or so much they don’t enjoy their festivities? Too often actually. And so we suggest this, delegate your Day-of! Even if you’ve been strong at planning through the process, having an extension of yourself to accomplish the tasks to finalize the day will make your wedding so much more enjoyable!  Wouldn’t you rather be getting ready with your bridesmaids instead of toiling around the tables lighting candles or making sure the escort cards are in alphabetical order after the wind blows them across the lawn? (YES that happens)…

They say life is a journey, not a destination. And wedding planning is no different! It’s a process, a dance, it’s the ebb and flow of your relationship. Your wedding day will reflect who the two of you are at this point in your lives. It’ll have ups and surely downs, but learning to take it all in stride will better equip you for the adventure that lies ahead both in the wedding and as newlyweds.

Making an appointment with our Studio Managers is absolutely free to couples planning their wedding. We invite you to contact us so we can help in any way! We are so fortunate to have a collective of the Tri-Cities’ most amazing wedding pros just waiting to work together to plan your perfect day at StudioWed Tri-Cities!

Would you care to dance?


In the Nick of Time by Positive Approach Events

Ever wondered about time management when planning your wedding? What “the checklist” says? How many weeks before the wedding do you do this, when do I mail the invites, when do I book entertainment? It’s SOOOO confusing! StudioWed Tri-Cier, Brandi Woodall with Positive Approach Events offers her feedback on one of the topic:

Time is all relative! Some of the most successful weddings were planned and executed in a short amount of time. We’ve found that the more time you have to plan, the more overwhelming it may be for you. This opens the quandary of whether or not your wedding will fit into a traditional checklist.

For the most part, having a guide is a great thing…but does it always reflect the needs of your specific wedding? When you google wedding checklist, you’ll find tons of references, just read them thoroughly before getting into the details. Most of the time, if you still have a year or more, most checklists on line will work, but if you’re within a few months, they may be irrelevant as you’ll be instructed to tackle some tasks up to 18 months prior.

Take stock of the actual task list too. Because many times the check list can be antiquated, I many of you are still collecting items for your Hope Chest? And yet, we do love the time tested tradition of making sure that you say your goodbyes to all of the parents and grand-parents before you depart from the reception.

And speaking of checklists, did you know that there is a Mother-of-the-Bride checklist? If you’re playing support to the couple, this can be a great asset. From helping to scout vendors, to coordinating the Mother’s dresses with the Groom’s Mother, Mom is more than just a shoulder to cry on when you’re frazzled.

Of course, your wedding planner can take care of as much of your list as you delegate. Whether it is a full-service and they go over an extensive list, or you just need someone to tie up the loose ends, they’ll know what needs to be done without the assistance of a list. However, providing a planner with the most up-to-date information about your wedding is a great asset in helping them plan out your day!


So whatever your time frame, there are some great tools on-line that can keep you on-track and ready for your big day. Need a little more than just a list? Then feel free to contact our StudioWed manager to schedule a time to chat about professionals that can keep you headed in the right direction! We also offer a great list of area professionals! Email for more information on schedule a no-cost meeting at the StudioWed Tri-Cities in Downtown Johnson City, Tennessee.


Free Co-Working Day April 10, 2018

Are you a wedding professional in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee market? If so, and you’re curious about what all the buzz is at StudioWed Tri-Cities, then feel free to join us tomorrow!

We’re asking pros to BYOL (bring your own laptop) and have a work day on us! From 9am to 2pm, drop by and have a cup of coffee, grab a seat and co-work with other area wedding professionals. If you would like a personal tour or more information, then chat with one of our StudioWed Tri-Cities owners.

Not able to make it but want additional details and an application for membership? Then email ..we’d love to chat with you!

We’re Just Getting Started!

                      Brandi & Travis Woodall

Where do we begin? In 2007, what began as an event planning company, quickly grew to include a venue, a bar service, and a lighting and draping design company. In the summer of 2016, Brandi and Travis Woodall of the Positive Approach Group, Inc. were looking to expand some of their services, and reached out to the Owners of StudioWed Asheville for information.

An inquiry turned into a two-hour conversation which led to several meetings. We all knew that there was SOMETHING we wanted to do together. We also knew from working within the Tri-Cities market for years that although there were many options for advertising; networking and educational opportunities were either scarce or inconsistent. But the stars had to align to make it a good fit for everyone involved.

During the almost two years since our first conversation, a lot had happened with our company. We sold sold the bar service, invested in decor services, and then while casually leaving the office one day, we noticed someone moving out of a space in the King Centre in Downtown Johnson City, TN. We had found the perfect spot for StudioWed Tri-Cities and it was much closer than we anticipated! The space had multiple offices and was on the lobby level for easy access.

So we jumped right in and we called Ian and Nicole Riley (founders and owners of StudioWed Asheville) and they came over to meet us, toured the space, ate some pizza and quickly agreed! We signed the lease and started painting. It was a whirlwind for about a month! We officially opened our doors on February 2, 2018!

We’re happy to say that great things have already taken place within the StudioWed Tri-Cities in the past two months. As of this post, we have 16..yes SIXTEEN vetted professionals within our StudioWed Family and we’re growing every day! StudioWed Tri-Cities has already hosted our first member gathering as well as a successful Open House this last weekend and we’re beyond thrilled with the way the Studio is shaping up.

The caliber of the professionals we have in our StudioWed Family has us awe struck. “Professional” isn’t even a term that correctly describes these companies and individuals. Forward thinking and trend setting, eager to collaborate and genuinely wanting to elevate the event industry in our region for our amazing event clients is a more accurate description. Our Wedding pros are working together on promotions, collaborating and enjoying the co-working each day. It’s been an amazing process to watch!

We are so thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to meeting even more professionals and of course, couples who are planning. So whether you are a wedding professional that would like more information on StudioWed Tri-Cities and want to schedule a tour or a busy couple who is getting married and you would like to schedule a meeting with a Studio Manager; feel free to contact us!

Thank you for stopping by!

Brandi and Travis Woodall


Hello Tri-Cities

Hello Tri-Cities! Can you tell we are excited to announce that we now are able to announce to the world that we have a StudioWed location for area vendors and couples who are actively planning their wedding! After chatting with the AH-MAZING founders in Asheville almost TWO years ago..we waited for the right place and time to make this happen. And it has happened, and we could not be more ecstatic!

We are off to a great start too! We’ve been featured on an amazing blog by Studio 148 Photography (big shout out of the gorgeous pics of our new home), had 13 vendors join in our very first month, and have already seen our StudioWed used in so many ways! From client consultations, vendor meetings, some of our members have grown their families through using our space to host exciting is that?

And while we are more than over-the-moon about our current members, we are still looking to grow this StudioWed Tri-Cities family! We want to have a creative group of collaborators along with diverse and unique offerings for couples who will be using StudioWed Tri-Cities. Members are vetted by event planners that have been in the industry for over a decade. So you will be in the presence of professional vendors when you network with our members and will feel good about referring their services to your clients.

And for the couples, let us explain how this works! You can make a StudioWed Tri-Cities appointment with one of our Studio Managers via the website or by calling us. We’ll be more than happy to sit down with you and provide a referral list based on your wedding vision. OR if you see a vendor on our website that makes you swoon, contact them directly! Best of all, you can set appointments with all of our pros in ONE PLACE! No running around all over creation for multiple meetings.

We can even make appointments on your behalf with our pros! So if you have a list of our members you want to meet, let us coordinate your schedule. Vendors and potential clients are able to meet in a stylish and comfy space that has been thoughtfully created with them mind. Make yourself at home and enjoy the planning process! Let our pros make your dreams come true!

We’re looking forward to creating a truly elevated experience for both our members as well as StudioWed Tri-Cities couples! Being able to meet experienced pros within our StudioWed location in Downtown Johnson City eliminates the need for whirlwind marathon meetings (we’re exhausted just thinking about them)! You call StudioWed Tri-Cities and and we can make it happen. Call (423) 722-3332 or send us your information via our contact page to make an appointment.

Are you a wedding professional who would like to come in for a tour? Send us an email, we’d love to chat with you!

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