Brandi & Travis Woodall

Where do we begin? In 2007, what began as an event planning company, quickly grew to include a venue, a bar service, and a lighting and draping design company. In the summer of 2016, Brandi and Travis Woodall of the Positive Approach Group, Inc. were looking to expand some of their services, and reached out to the Owners of StudioWed Asheville for information.

An inquiry turned into a two-hour conversation which led to several meetings. We all knew that there was SOMETHING we wanted to do together. We also knew from working within the Tri-Cities market for years that although there were many options for advertising; networking and educational opportunities were either scarce or inconsistent. But the stars had to align to make it a good fit for everyone involved.

During the almost two years since our first conversation, a lot had happened with our company. We sold sold the bar service, invested in decor services, and then while casually leaving the office one day, we noticed someone moving out of a space in the King Centre in Downtown Johnson City, TN. We had found the perfect spot for StudioWed Tri-Cities and it was much closer than we anticipated! The space had multiple offices and was on the lobby level for easy access.

So we jumped right in and we called Ian and Nicole Riley (founders and owners of StudioWed Asheville) and they came over to meet us, toured the space, ate some pizza and quickly agreed! We signed the lease and started painting. It was a whirlwind for about a month! We officially opened our doors on February 2, 2018!

We’re happy to say that great things have already taken place within the StudioWed Tri-Cities in the past two months. As of this post, we have 16..yes SIXTEEN vetted professionals within our StudioWed Family and we’re growing every day! StudioWed Tri-Cities has already hosted our first member gathering as well as a successful Open House this last weekend and we’re beyond thrilled with the way the Studio is shaping up.

The caliber of the professionals we have in our StudioWed Family has us awe struck. “Professional” isn’t even a term that correctly describes these companies and individuals. Forward thinking and trend setting, eager to collaborate and genuinely wanting to elevate the event industry in our region for our amazing event clients is a more accurate description. Our Wedding pros are working together on promotions, collaborating and enjoying the co-working each day. It’s been an amazing process to watch!

We are so thrilled to be on this journey and look forward to meeting even more professionals and of course, couples who are planning. So whether you are a wedding professional that would like more information on StudioWed Tri-Cities and want to schedule a tour or a busy couple who is getting married and you would like to schedule a meeting with a Studio Manager; feel free to contact us!

Thank you for stopping by!

Brandi and Travis Woodall