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December 2012 Archive

Photo Friday | Kokoro Photography

Thank you to Kokoro Photography for sharing this gorgeous picture!

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DJ vs Live Music | A Music Plus

It seems to us there is a small number of couples who know exactly what they want, where as most are torn when it comes to hiring a DJ or a live band. Knowing that this is a decision that couples struggle with our friends at A Music Plus wrote down some pros and cons to consider when deciding.

DJ Pros

  • Provide thousands of songs for your wedding
  • Can play any requested song (as long as it’s not on your “do not play” list)
  • Typically do not take breaks so there is no dead air
  • Affordable

DJ Cons

  • Cannot alter songs
  • Looked at as the cheaper option than a live band

Live Music Pros

  • Offers elegance and romance
  • Live music brings enthusiasm
  • Can adapt the music to the situation

Live Music Cons

  • Almost always more expensive
  • Need to take breaks
  • Have a set style of music

Still torn? Consider both…

A live band can start the night off and a DJ can fill in when the band takes breaks. This allows for music that the band may not be able to play, help with announcements and you have a better chance of pleasing all of your guests regardless of their tastes in music.

Call StudioWed Denver for more information or call A Music Plus to talk about different options to create your prefect wedding!


Personalized silver cake server and forks

This adorable silver cake server and fork set is sure to become an instant heirloom! Make it your own by adding your names and wedding date.

Found on Etsy from Trinkets 818

Happy Holidays from StudioWed Denver!

From our family at StudioWed Denver to your family, we wish you a very happy holiday season!