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May 2017 Archive

Wedding Wednesday :: Total Imagination Events

Why hire a wedding planner?  The question is, why wouldn’t you? Your wedding day should be as glamorous as you so why take on more stress than necessary?? Hiring a wedding planner will not only take away the pressure of planning but they will be your biggest advocate, cheerleader, and storyteller!

Meet Elizabeth Restauri, owner, chief imaginer, celebrationist & designer with Total Imagination Events. We asked Elizabeth what makes her work stand out and here’s what she had to say!

“I love falling in love with my client’s story.  It’s an incredibly intimate experience, getting to know their families, their interests, and their relationship and to design the details of their day around their style and story.  Sure, the planning and logistics keep my clients stress level to a minimum, but, the fun part is bringing their passion to personification.  For example, we had a couple last year who both LOVED cocktails – she was a wine and spirits representative, so it had been part of her life since she was a young adult.  We created a specialty cocktail list with a selection from each place that was important to their relationship – a Rum Runner for the Caribbean Island where they first met, a French 75 for the city of Paris where they got engaged, a barrel aged Manhattan to represent where the groom grew up and lived most of his adult life and a Colorado Mule to pay homage to the bride’s life-long home.  We finished the styling of their cocktail menu with custom designed menus by Sweet Zion Paperie including the story of the drink selection which were placed on the bar and at each of the guest tables.  For another bride who had recently lost her father, we wanted to find a way to have her dad with her while she walked down the aisle.  We asked if her mom still had any of her dad’s neck ties – luckily, she did, so we selected a neck tie that complimented the color pallet and gave it to the florist to wrap her bridal bouquet.  While he couldn’t be there, the bride still felt like her dad was in some small way, walking her down the aisle and holding her hand, all at the same time.  We finished the bouquet with a photo of her mom & dad on their wedding day. It’s extremely important to me to get to know my clients and to ensure that at every turn, they are surrounded by details that celebrate the essence of who they both are in every way possible!”

Photo Credit: Caroline Colvin Photography

Wedding Wednesday :: A Music Plus

It’s #WeddingWednesday! What is the heartbeat of the wedding?… MUSIC! Never underestimate the power of a good DJ/live band! From the wedding processional to the father-daughter dance, your guests will be playing those tunes in their head for weeks after they busted a move on the dance floor! So what’s trending today?? Silent Discos are making their way into the wedding world! What is a silent disco?? It is a new DJ experience that gets around those pesky music curfews by providing your guests with their own set of headphones in order to continue to celebrate into the night without disturbing the neighbors! Not everyone likes the same type of music. Headphones allow your guest to choose between different music channels while still staying together on the dance floor! 

We recently reached out to our friends at A Music Plus for their entertainment expertise! Here is what their president, Pat Bruno, had to say about their favorite trend of 2017!

First, who is A Music Plus?

“We are a full-service entertainment agency, providing DJs, musicians, ensembles and bands for all special events – weddings, corporate events, schools, private parties, etc. We also provide specialty entertainers like magicians, impersonators, comedians, etc.

Our specialty is being able to match the client with their ideal entertainment, based upon their vision for their wedding or special event. 

One hot trend A Music Plus is recommending right now is the blending of live instruments with DJ music at events. Musicians like violin players, percussionists, sax players, etc., play alongside a DJ to create exciting new sounds with the added entertainment of live musicians. Also, DJs performing onstage with bands is hot now – mixing/mashing with the band as well as filling in during band breaks. Many bands already play with pre-recorded tracks anyway, so adding a DJ just puts the extra sounds and options front and center.”

From a string quartet or trio for your wedding processional to a live band or DJ with live elements to keep your reception bumping, A Music Plus works with only the most professional and talented of musicians to ensure your event entertainment is simply exquisite.

String Quartet of Violins Viola and Cello | Wedding Music | A Music Plus Entertainment

Make sure to check in with A Music Plus to ensure your guests have the time of their lives at your next event!

Wedding Wednesday :: Peak Beverage

Happy #WeddingWednesday! It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere so let’s mix it up and chat about cocktails! Custom cocktails are what’s trending in the wedding world! A boozy drink specifically tailored to you and your hubby is the perfect element to create something special and unique for your guests. How will you choose your special drink?? Think about the season of which you’re tying the knot. Winter Wedding?? Try a spin on a White Russian or Hot Toddy! But be certain that you taste your custom beverage before your wedding. Make sure your cocktail is not only beautiful but also DELICIOUS! And don’t forget – #Garnish is Grand!  Try adding a savory spice to your signature drink! Try a sprig of rosemary or sage and blackberry skewer for fun and flashy flare.

This week, we put our faith in our resident beverage consultants, Peak Beverage! Denver-based, Peak Beverage offers a variety of packages ranging from a full-service bar to a completely customizable experience! Peak provides alcohol selections from all over the world and today’s cocktail creation features Woody Creek Distillers Gin from your back yard! We asked our friends at Peak Beverage their opinion for a customized cocktail for the summer wedding season and they created a refreshing drink that is sure to get the party started!

What better way to pay homage to this incredible state you are being married in than featuring a cocktail from locally distilled Woody Creek Distillers!

Wedding Wednesday :: A Cake Come True

Happy #WeddingWednesday! Hey there sugar, let’s talk about cake!  We know you have been secretly swooning over your wedding cake since you were a little girl! So let’s get down to what’s trending today?? MARBLE! Styling your wedding cake in marble is the new black.  This look provides a clean, modern yet elegant ambiance to your dessert display!

Meet our crazy talented friend, Lisa Herrara of A Cake Come True.  A veteran of the Food Network and preferred cake artist to local sports figures, Lisa thrives on pushing the envelope to bring your dreams to confection perfection. From elegant luxury to eclectically creative, A Cake Come True has you covered from design to delivery! Check out her designs at A Cake Come True! Where does your inspiration come from? Your wedding cake shouldn’t just look like any other cake! Lisa has shared with us some the places she finds inspiration for her clients when designing their very special dessert.

“My favorite part of what I do is hearing a couple’s love story. I get to be a part of what will likely be one of the most important days of a couples life. Families brought together by love and unity. It gives me goose pimples to witness it. 

So the first thing that inspires me when designing a cake is….the couple. Getting to know them, what their style is, and talking about what inspires them. I think it’s important to find out what the couple is most excited about in their wedding.

I have a couple who both are chefs and really wanted to incorporate their passion for the culinary arts to be expressed. So we chose to add fresh herbs as greenery for their cake. Something simple, but is very much a part of who they are as a couple.

Lace and other details from a bride’s dress are always favorite. In my opinion, what guests are most excited to see at a wedding is the bride in her dress, and the cake! And when I can incorporate the details of the brides dress into the cake, it’s magical.

Living in Colorado, mountain weddings are a dream! When a couple decides to get married in the mountains, I know right away, they have a love for the majestic natural beauty you get with this state. I’m inspired by rustic Colorado chic. Maybe I carve buttercream to look like a mountain landscape with edible pine cones, or maybe something more simple and elegant to match the surroundings of their event, like a semi-naked cake.

Colors are not just something you look at, but something you feel. Yellow….makes me happy. I am a colorful soul, so I love when a couple comes to me and want to showcase the colors that make them feel good. I’m finding more couples are not so afraid to be bolder. Gold seems to be trendy. so couples are wanting more metallic which I love! Gold and Silver feels luxurious. And who doesn’t want to feel that!

So, while lots of things inspire me when designing a cake for a couple, I’m always inspired by love.”