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February 2013 Archive

Asheville Wedding Inspiration :: Our Pinterest Picks

Our favorite pins this week are late night snacks! How delicious would a mason jar of ice cream be on a hot summers night? Or a bag of caramel popcorn after a night of dancing? Are you serving a late night snack at your wedding?

image credit :: Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings

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StudioWed Asheville :: Doubletree Renovation

StudioWed Asheville’s hotel and wedding venue Doubletree Biltmore is renovating! Check out their renovation plans below! We can’t wait to see the final result!

StudioWed Asheville :: Chevron Wedding Trend

Here at StudioWed Asheville one of our favorite wedding trends is the chevron pattern. Chevron is such a versatile pattern that can be incorporated into many different aspects of a wedding or event. From invitations to linens and napkins to cakes and desserts, chevron has the ability to take your event to a new level. The modern simplicity of the chevron pattern has taken the wedding world by storm. Here are some of our favorite chevron patterns.

image credit :: Etsy, Southern Weddings, Southern Fried Paper, Jesi Haack Design

StudioWed Asheville :: Tiffany's Baking Co Design Process

Tiffany with Asheville’s wedding cake baker Tiffany’s Baking Co gave us a glimpse into her design process, from sketch to the cake displayed at the reception.

Table set, portfolios ready to go, and I remain, waiting for my new eager client to arrive while taping a colored pencil on some blank paper.  The truth on this industry is that you never know what to expect and that each and every single individual you cross paths with hopes to be directly effected by you in the most positive way.  Of course, I am here to be a small part of YOUR day, the day when you cannot seem to stop grinning no matter how hard to try to keep that ‘model pose’ for the photographer.
You enter the studio space….. hands are shook, chairs pulled out from under the table, and we begin.
The next hour or so is filled with the sounds of turning pages, sketching, giggling, and the scrumptious devouring of delicious samples. No rules, no expectations, just a brief connection with a most beautiful client preparing to celebrate the most AMAZING day in her life.
Print outs of Design Boards, opened Tablets with the latest Social media source for references, snips of fabric, lists of flowers, or even a copy of the invitation.  Decisions on round verse square, how many tiers, heigth, colorful verse moncromatic, to keep the top tier or to re-order a fresh one to be shipped to you on your anniversary, it all ends up coming out naturally……perfectly.
No matter if you are armed with tons of inspiration, or, looking for style guidance, the beginning portion of the consult will result in the creation, personalizing, and stylizing of your edible centerpiece for your Reception.  I quickly grab my faithful box of colored pencils and begin to quickly fill in the areas of the cake that will show how it will all come together.
I turn the sketch around, and smile.  “There, it is perfect, for your style, and, YOUR gorgeous reception.  What do you think?”.  Smiles.
Days prior to the consultation I ask for three flavors you wish to try. And it is now time to treat you to one of the most fun elements in planning the Wedding… tasting the food.  A platter of delectable samples arranged in a way so that you have incredibly fun choice to mix and match rich chocolatey mousses, homemade berry preserves, European Meringues, and fantastic creamy Icings. Lets create a fabulous flavor combination that will spoil your guests and have them coming back for more, with a bit of buttercream still on their lips. I guide and describe the samples as we travel around the platter.  They taste, I write notes, and we talk…. “cake talk”.
With the sketch laying next to the form for choosing the placement of your flavors the process has become complete.
From sketched design….. to the final reveal. Stamped with approval……. and then eaten by guests with a smile.  And one VERY happy bride.

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