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Asheville Wedding Vendors :: Saying Thank You

Every year, a group of amazing Asheville wedding vendors from StudioWed Asheville get together to volunteer at ABCCM.  ABCCM is a residential program that works to to help meet the needs of Asheville’s local homeless veterans.

At ABCCM’s Veterans Restoration Quarters (VRQ), our mission is to create a principle-based environment and comprehensive residential program that addresses every area of restoration in the life of a homeless veteran. We work to provide each man with stability, personal skill building, educational and training opportunities leading to employment and housing along with the restoration of personal dignity, faith and strength.

Our ministry accomplishes its mission through the diligent and compassionate efforts of trained staff, volunteers and community partners. Over 240 men reside nightly on the VRQ campus, a former 125 room motel. Our veterans are provided housing, meals, case management services, counseling, laundry facilities, a computer lab, gym, chapel and transportation to VA Medical Center appointments. Every effort is made to provide each man with the tools, direction and encouragement needed to arrive at genuine success and full restoration.

These veterans have given so much of their lives so that we can work freely in our industry, so that we can own the businesses that we want to, and even so that we can have the weddings that we dream of… it is the least that we can do to spend a day preparing and serving a meal for them.

Ian said it best when he said, ” These guys are so kind and so nice, and they constantly thank us for what we are doing. But really, we are the ones who need to be thanking them for their service to our country!”

Thank you so much to Blush, Classic Event Rental, Verge, Mozingo Photography, Colorful Palate, Asheville Marriages , Shutter Booth, Sugar Cloud, and Masterpiece Ice for being there to say “Thank you for your service” with us!





Asheville Wedding Photographers :: Dreaming of Summer!

These warm winter days have us all dreaming of warmer weather…and these images from our the instagram accounts of our Asheville wedding photographers definitely remind us of how much we love warm weather weddings and engagements!! From stormy skies to fantastic sunsets, all of it gives us the warm and fuzzies!

Asheville Wedding Photographer – Two Ring Studios

Asheville Wedding Photographer – Sunday Grant

Asheville Wedding Photographer – Aaron Imaging

Best of StudioWed Asheville 2016!

It’s January! For wedding professionals, not only is this a time of planning and preparing for the amazing things to come in the upcoming year, it is also a time where we can finally take a moment to catch up from the previous seasons of wedding madness! I thought it would be fun to take a moment to reflect on some of the amazing things that happened at StudioWed Asheville in 2016.

I asked the lovely Nicole if she could think of a few top StudioWed Asheville moments from 2016, and I am super excited to share her Top 5 of 2016 with you! StudioWed Asheville is more than a group of people who work together; StudioWed Asheville is a family, and I think the biggest reason why we have such a wonderful family dynamic is because we work so hard at staying true to our culture.

StudioWed Asheville

The best part about the moments that Nicole chose to reflect on for 2016, is that each one of them represents our culture in a real and tangible way. It’s so inspiring to see the culture code in action. 2016 highlights cover a wide spectrum of activities. There were awesome parties, days dedicated to giving back to the community, and so many educational opportunities. It was a good year!

So without further ado, here are Nicole’s Top 5 of 2016!


It’s no big secret that we love a good party.  Every year, we partner with Weddings Unveiled Magazine to host a party for our Asheville wedding friends.  This year the theme was Masquerade Ball, and with a theme like that, The Grand Bohemian Hotel was the perfect venue choice.  The party came together perfectly, and it was so nice to let loose and dance the night away!

StudioWed Asheville

                                                                        {image by Mozingo Photography, Asheville Wedding Photographer}


As Asheville wedding vendors, we see each other often on wedding days. It’s wonderful to have a work environment filled with people that you love, but when most of your interactions are quick life updates while sharing a vendor meal or a 3 minute chat while walking in from your car, it leaves you wanting a little more. Our solution to this is Friendsgiving. We make time to sit down and have a lovely (non vendor) meal together. Finally, we can talk to our hearts’ content without worrying if we’re needed elsewhere! We had a blast this year at Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar. It was the perfect way to reconnect!

StudioWed Asheville



I love the way that the StudioWed Asheville family always makes giving back to our community a priority. Work (and life!) will never cease to be demanding, but it’s more than worth is to take a break from the grind, and focus on bettering someone else life for a bit. The resulting warm and fuzzies will motivate you for weeks! We spent a day preparing and serving food to men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. It was wonderful to spend some time with our veterans and to try, in some small way, to thank them for their service.


StudioWed Asheville



Not sure if you heard…but there were crazy wildfires in the Asheville area this past fall. The gorgeous landscapes that we take for granted on a daily basis were burning away, and firefighters had to be flown in from all over the country to help stop them.We asked…and the community delivered! From fellow wedding industry professionals, to past clients…even complete strangers! You brought hundreds of bottles of water,  thousands of wet wipes, and a plethora of other much needed items.

I love how Nicole encapsulated it:

“Heart = Full.”

StudioWed Asheville



This year, Nicole and Ian were asked to speak at Reverie Retreats in Arizona. Nicole summed it up by saying, ” Nothing warms our heart more than to see our StudioWed Culture at work, here in Asheville and in our other locations. So when Ian and I were asked to speak about culture, we knew this is something that we wanted to help other small business owners with!”

I think it’s amazing that Nicole and Ian had the opportunity to share this topic that is so dear to their hearts and so integral to the success of their businesses. Plus, I heard that there were mimosas!! The StudioWed Asheville family is very proud!


StudioWed Asheville

                                                                                                {image by Cameron Kelly}

2016 was pretty amazing, but I have a feeling that 2017 might be even better! Can’t wait to see where this year takes us!

All Smiles With ShutterBooth Asheville

In need of a good laugh on this Tuesday? Looking back over Shutterbooth Asheville endless amounts of hilarious pictures from past weddings is always going to bring a smile to your face.  Whenever we see Shutterbooth on the vendor list for a wedding we always know that it is going to be a good time.  It is not only a great way to loosen up your guest, but it also makes a great keepsake for your guest to take home with them.  Who doesn’t loving putting on goofy accessories, having a good time with your friends, all while celebrating the happy couple on their big day!?  We do!

After you have officially hired Shutterbooth Asheville for your wedding you can sit back and relax and trust that they will bring some fun to your wedding. They do all the work for you!  From bringing the accessories, to printing out the pictures right then and there, they take care of everything.  It is the easiest stress free wedding activity that you could have at your Asheville NC wedding.  You can even reprint all the photos after your wedding and create a hilarious photo album to remember it by.  We could not vouch more that this is worth having at your wedding!

That being said take a look at just some of these fun pictures from past weddings below!

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