Ever curious to the day-to-day in what happens in our StudioWed Asheville offices?  Here is a hilarious peek into what it is like from Abby!

When sitting in the office and trying to bang out our “to-do-list” for StudioWed, it is always amusing to me the atmosphere that is created in the office.  Maria and Nicole, in no better way to say it, crack me up.  They both sit at their desk, Nicole usually chowing down on some pork rinds and Maria rocking her sparkly top and matching shoes is just a typical day in the office.  When working on their task they bounce back information between one another and usually tell a funny story every so often. For example, Nicole gave me a project to do and while doing it I could not figure out what some of the typical wedding terminology meant.  FG, MOB, and RB, yeah the average person doesn’t usually know what that means! They both thought it was funny watching me figure what each term meant and it a created a fun learning environment for me as well as everyone else.

Another thing about Maria and Nicole that they would probably not be so happy knowing that I was going to post this for everyone to see, is that they rate each others phone calls.  Yes it is true! Depending on how the phone call goes the other one will stick a certain number of fingers up into the air and the other one usually disagrees with the outcome.  Nicole does not like getting a 3 fingers rating!

Working in the office with Nicole and Maria always brings so much laughter to my day.  They are both two people with banging personalities and are extremly hard workers but know how to have fun while doing.  Coming from an interns point of view, those are two qualities that I strive for in my life.

~ Abby