Just wanted to take a quick second to say congratulations to Wildflower Bridal, an amazing Asheville bridal shop who has just celebrated their third year in business. We are so proud to have them as a part of our studio. If you haven’t visited their website, you should definitely go check it out! I think that the first line on their “about” page sums them up perfectly.

Not your average bridal shop. Not your average gowns. Not your average bride.

Love that so much!


3 years ago today, our little #ashevillebridalshop opened its doors for the first time ever. I can't believe what a fulfilling, empowering, joyous, exciting, wild ride its been so far! I always knew it would be, but dreaming the dream and #livingthedream are very different things! I'm so honored and grateful to be able to do what I do every day, and to have the support of such loving people in my life. Thank you everyone- brides, vendors, employees, contractors, designers, fellow bridal shop owners, industry hustlers and experts, friends, and family- for all the continued support encouragement, high fives and love with which you have showered me and #wildflowerbridal. Here's to many more years of #hustlingandbustling! #wildflowerbride #youngwildandthree #happyanniversary #happybirthday #bohobridalshop #bohobride #femaleownedandoperated #shopsmall #shoplocal #entrepreneur #thankfulandgrateful

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