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Two left feet?  Don’t want to do the “middle school sway” in front of  all your guests?  This girl is for you!!  Kathleen is a pro at teaching all you need to know to have a lot of grace for your first dance, or father daughter dance…or any other dance for that matter!  This post comes from Kathleen Hahn over at I Do Dances.

Hello!   I hope this wedding season is finding you well!

I’ve been enjoying working with couples, preparing for a Flash Mob and pumping up my dance class schedule this Spring. Please read on!

Dancing with couples: I’ve worked with three different couples recently that had about two weeks or less to prepare a dance for their wedding; a waltz, a foxtrot, and a Kathleen mix. As often as I express to people that it’s important to start preparing for their first dance three months before their wedding it’s pretty cool to see what can be accomplished in three hours. It’s not quite as personalized, not quite as detailed, but a lovely dance can come out of three hours of practicing. It’s so amazing to watch the process couples go through; starting from never having danced together, getting frustrated with one another because someone’s not remembering what comes next and someone else isn’t letting the other one lead, but then all of a sudden they start dancing together, and they look good! Learning a new skill with someone you’re extremely close to is not always an easy feat. But what a wonderful practice for marriage! And in the end very rewarding.

I also had the privilege recently of teaching a bride, her mother, father, brother and brother’s girlfriend Beyonce’s Single Ladie’s dance to surprise everyone with at their wedding. That was a hoot! I still haven’t talked anyone in to fitting in to a black leotard but I’m not ruling out that possibility yet.

Beyonce Flash mob at the first Downtown After Five of the season!

As many of you know I’ve been teaching over 60 women Beyonce’s ever so popular Single Ladies dance. We recently invaded Friday After Five on Lexington with our bootyshaking and fortunately WLOS was there to document.  An up close and personal video is currently in production and will be available soon. Carol Motsinger from Asheville Citizen Times took my class and wrote a lovely story in Friday After Five about her experience participating in the Flash Mob.

Update on my dance classes starting next week! NOT JUST FOR LADIES ANYMORE. Join me!

I’m really excited to start teaching the dance from the Napoleon Dynamite movie! This dance is very gender friendly, pretty much everybody will look awesome doing this dance. Dork it out with style with Napoleon’s sensational disco moves!

Here’s my schedule and know you can always check out my website under Class Schedule for updates on my classes.

Beyonce 10 week series starting Monday June 6th at 6 PM at the French Broad Food Co-op studio. $10/class or $80 for the full series if paid in full at the beginning

Napoleon Dynamite 8 week series starts Monday June 6th at 7:30 PM at Loretta’s Cafe. $10/class or $64 for the full series if paid in full at the beginning.

Dance and Sweat every Tuesday, ongoing, 6 PM at Loretta’s Cafe. $10/class or $32 for four classes.

Janet Jackson’s All For You 10 week series starts Thursday June 9th at 6 PM at Loretta’s Cafe. $10/class or $80 for full series if paid in full at the beginning.

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.  ~Vicki Baum

Kathleen Hahn, I Do Dances

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