The talented musicians at Braidstream, one of our favorite Asheville wedding musicians, created an informative and simple three step guide for planning your wedding music and shared that on their website. We recently came across the article, and knew we had to share it!

1st STEP:

Imagine your wedding venue, your guests, your flowers, the wedding attire, the time of year. All of these create a visual ambiance for your very special day. Music is the spirit that can create the emotional ambiance of the entire event.

2nd STEP:

What kind of person are you? Do you see your wedding as a somber, sacred ceremony, or religious, light-hearted, casual, elegant, formal, romantic, fun, traditional, contemporary, eclectic….all these words can help you describe the kind of emotional feeling you want the music to convey. It will wrap the entire event in It’s own flavor that will reflect you- the wedding couple. Braidstream can contour the music to create the perfect backdrop for your special day.



                                                                                                         (photo credit: amber holritz)


3rd STEP:

Identify the places you will want music:

Prelude music – will be the setting the stage for the ceremony as guests arrive and are seated. This is the perfect time for your “special song”. Most brides don’t get a chance to hear this music, but none the less, it sets the mood for the entire ceremony and is important to reflect the style and taste of the wedding couple.Honored Seating – this music should reflect the tastes of the honored guests to be seated: grandparents, parents, honored friends or relatives will be seated using this music.
Attendants Processional – this music will accompany the attendants as they walk down the aisle. You may want the minister and groom and best man to come in first, followed by the groomsmen, then the bridesmaids. It can be lovely to have the men escort the bridesmaids to enter as couples or singly.
Bridal Processional – Your big moment!!! Interlude music – Sometimes it is nice to just have a moment to catch your breath and savor this most important day of your life! Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the excitement of the day, this can be a moment to reflect on this turning point. This can be a very short piece of music after a prayer, or during a sand ceremony or lighting of unity candles. This can also be a good place for a “special song”. Recessional music – Celebration! You will want a piece of music that will give a beautiful finale on the ceremony. Consider how many people are to exit. You may want the wedding party to exit on one piece and have another piece of music to transition the exit of the guests from the ceremony site. It is helpful to have a secondary piece if there will be a large number of guests.

Hopefully this information will help you as you choose your wedding music and search for your perfect Asheville wedding musician!