We are truly humbled at the number of people who came out yesterday to give blood at our local Red Cross.  To see not only our Asheville wedding industry come out and support, but as well as the community as a whole.  I learned so much about the process of giving blood, and what a demand it really is in.  Did you know that by donating, you can save 3 lives?  And that once you have donated, the blood is good for 42 days?

By sponsoring a Donor Day at our local chapter, and driving for donors – we helped save 72 lives!  And we were so proud that one of the phlebotomists {the sweet people who draw the blood} said that she had 5 donors in a row that were 1st time donors…and all of them came on behalf of StudioWed.  Wow!  Thank you to our wedding industry, and to our community for supporting this great, great cause.

Here are a few of the brave, brave souls!  Many thanks to my hubs, Ian, for giving blood {almost passing out after a 4 minute blood draw, which is extremely quick. too quick!} and then stay to help cheer people on, and take these pics!  And thank you to The Doubletree {Kathy and Lauren came out and represented!} for bringing the famous Doubletree cookies!

Thanks again to everyone!  And please, if you can, give blood.  Not just on a day that someone is sponsoring a donor day, but anytime that you can.  It really does save lives!