We love getting notes like this! This came from Asheville wedding photographer, Mozingo Photography, who introduced a bride to StudioWed. Tara and Joseph are so sweet, and have such a great wedding team for their wedding day! We are looking forward to next June!  Want to see more of their engagement pics? Here you go!

Hi Meriah!
I hope you are having a fun and busy summer! I wanted to email you to fill you in on some stuff that I have done because I’M SO EXCITED! And, it’s all really Thanks to YOU because you got me into StudioWed. Joseph and I hired Nicole {Verge Events
} to do our wedding planning. We set up an appointment with Blossoms to do a consultation in a couple of weeks for the flowers. The reason I’m so excited about all of this is because the Event Director (Kathy) at the Doubletree knows Nicole, Nicole knows you and Blossoms, the Rabbi knows Blossoms and loves them too. I feel like I have such a great creative team behind me and I know it’s going to work out so well!

So thanks again for introducing me to StudioWed…

All the Best,