Your wedding invitation is the first thing your guest see when it comes to your wedding.  Kind of like the first impression.  Picking out your wedding invitation can be extremely overwhelming because there are so many different styles and looks that you can go with.  From letterpress, gold edging, to calligraphy, the options are truly endless.  First thing to do is to figure out how much you want to spend on your invitations.  What is your budget?  Invitations can be very expensive depending on what you want.

All of this might seem a tad overwhelming…. Which is why we recommend using a professional like Baggie Goose.  Located in Asheville NC, Baggies Goose really has the market on wedding invitations.  They also have a vast array of papers from Kate Spade (we love her) to Crane.  They are here to help!  Make sure to contact us through the StudioWed Asheville site, and we will help you set up your next appointment with Baggie Goose.

Signed… Sealed… Delivered!

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photo credit :: Baggie Goose