Transportation isn’t the first category that pops into your head when planning your wedding.  However, trust us when we say it is completely worth it! To prove it to you we have created a list of 10 reasons why you should hire transportation for your wedding. This list could really go on and on…

  1. Your guest won’t drink and drive… Probably the most important reason!
  2. Your guest won’t get lost.
  3. They won’t have to worry about parking
  4. Your guest will be on time. No being late to the ceremony here!
  5. Trust me.. Your guest will really appreciate the gesture.
  6. Everyone is in one place.. It is way more fun that way.
  7. You guest will all arrive and leave at the same time.  You won’t be anxiously pushing people out of the door when it is time to leave.
  8. You can have a fun treat or gift on their seats when they get on the bus.
  9. Asheville is in the mountains.  Which means there are a lot of switchbacks.  It is safer to hire transpiration.
  10. The drivers are knowledgable and are here to help you!

All that being said if you are in need of transportation for you Asheville wedding we highly recommend using Blue Ridge Limousine.  The owner has been doing this for quiet some time now.  He not only knows what he is doing but is highly responsible and professional.  He can provide all sorts of type of transportation based on any quantity.  Be sure to reach out to StudioWed Asheville for more details on Blue Ridge Limousine!


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