We are excited to have one of StudioWed Asheville wedding photographers, Mozingo Photography, guest blog, for this Tuesday blog post.  Enjoy!

Tiffany’s Baking Co. is one of our favorites when it comes to wedding cakes.  It’s a personal goal of mine (and I take it very seriously) to sample the cake at EVERY wedding we photograph.  It adds up to about 30 tastings a year.  In the last 5 years we’ve “been around the block” if you know what we mean.  With that said, let’s talk cakes first and then a little about Tiffany.

How many people get excited about eating a wedding cake?  In most cases, when it comes to chatting about wedding cakes, people take a stab at why they don’t like eating them.  That’s because almost everyone has had a wedding cake (maybe most wedding cakes) where the baker/decorator compromised taste and texture in order to nail the beauty of it’s presentation.  And presentation is important.  A beautiful wedding cake is so iconic for the reception and theme of a wedding.  But when cake poses as tasty and then punishes your mouth with its reality of being dry and flavorless one can’t help but forget what may have been a beautiful design.  A cake maker should score in both categories.

For the record, Tiffany executes.  She nails presentation and taste, time after time.  As a bonus to making gorgeous and delectable cakes Tiffany, as a person, is first class.  She is the kind of person you love seeing at a wedding.  Big smiles, all the time.  She is always a pleasure to talk with.  In every conversation we have had she takes the time to ask about things that really matter.  When someone asks you about your family members by name it shows you part of their character.  At one of the weddings we did together she made a chocolate, peanut butter ganache cake.  My wife, Meriah, remarked on how incredible it was.  When it came time for our baby shower Tiffany volunteered to make the cake and, because she remembered and is so considerate, she surprised Meriah with the same kind of cake.  What a superstar!  These kind of things make people like Tiffany really shine over the years.  We highly recommend Tiffany… and her cakes!” -Michael Mozingo

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photo credit :: Mozingo Photography