Okay, so when I first saw this I got super excited! ShutterBooth sent a series of three emails introducing a new concept.  Not only is it innovative, it is social media friendly (your # will get plenty of attention), and it is fun!

So here goes… I am going to tell you all about it and why ShutterBooth is such an innovator in the wedding industry!

The first email that was sent to us is this one…   You can now have a ShutterBooth kiosk at your Asheville NC wedding!  It looks really cool and is small and easy to use!

Asheville wedding vendors

The second email that arrived in my inbox the next day was… how easy it is to “get social”.  You can share you pictures on your social media account right from the kiosk.  I know how much I love it when I can’t attend a wedding and I religiously follow that # for that day.  This just makes it that much easier!

Asheville wedding vendors

…and the last big email that arrived in our inbox was the capture feature.  You can now treat your ShutterBooth experience like Instagram.  From filter settings, to goofy props, your guest are going to have a BLAST with this.  I personally can not wait to see this at future weddings.

Asheville wedding vendors

So there you have it! 2015 means a new year with new concepts and ShutterBooth has totally scored on this one!

photo credit :: ShutterBooth