Our caterers who are a part of StudioWed Asheville, are good… I mean deliciously good!  Every time a StudioWed caterer is hosting an event I will be there!   Not only for the AMAZING food, but for the good company as well.  All that being said lets meet Sara Brooks from Dinning Innovations.

A fun fact about you?  For my honeymoon, my husband and I bicycled 1200 miles across the mid-west for a month.  We landed in Asheville and decided to stay.

What are three items you can’t live without? My road bike, a good cup of coffee, and my vinyl record  collection

If you were a crayon what color would you be?  Cerulean Blue

What would be your dream concert  to attend?  Stop Making Sense, by Talking Heads.  It is one of the best film concerts ever made!

If you could invite three famous people to have with you would would it be?  David Trinidad (poet), Lewis Baltz (photographer), and Leonora Carrington (painter)

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