Phillip Lingle is a Wedding Officiant Located in Asheville NC.  He is not only one of the nicest people ever, he is open-minded, and respectful to all religions.  On a less serious note, let’s meet Phillip Lingle!

A fun fact about you?

I used to keep reptiles as a hobby in High School but I gave it up.  At one time I had two 10-ft pythons, two 3-ft iguanas, and two 3 ft-crocodiles.  The crocodiles now live at the Tennessee Zoo!

What are three items you can’t live with out?

Party hat, disco ball, and fire works.  Just kidding, but my real answers are just very uninteresting: phone, computer, car.  See what I mean.

If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Cypress Pearl, like my car.  It’s king of a greenish grey but it’s hard to completely figure out.

What would be your dream concert to attend?

Van Halen 1984.  Eddie Van Halen’s guitar playing inspired me to quit the concert band in Middle School and start playing the electric guitar.  I eventually switched to bass, but I learned from the experience that I have to follow my bliss when it comes to music!  Currently, I have an electronic drum kit in my basement that I play more than anything else.  Pure bliss indeed!

If you could invite three famous people to have dinner with you who would it be?

George Carlin (late great comedian), Larry David (creator of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm), and Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office).  That should make for quite an entertaining evening!

There you have it! some fun facts about Phillip Lingle, a truly fantastic Asheville NC Wedding Officiant!

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