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I know it can seem kind of scary when your putting your trust into someone else’s hands for your wedding.  That being said here are 5 easy tips to follow when picking the perfect wedding team for your Asheville wedding.

1) Ask your wedding vendors for advice… Who should you pick?  They are always willing to help and lend there opinion.  They work with these folks almost every weekend, so they probably have some advice on who you should and shouldn’t work with.

2) Don’t pick everything and anything.  If you are looking for something rustic, then don’t go with the florist who specializes in the glamour pieces.

3) Don’t be afraid to trust them.  If they mention something a little out of the box that has you nervous, take a step back and give them a chance.  They wouldn’t suggest something if they weren’t willing to put their name behind it.

4) The StudioWed Way.. What does that mean?  We work together as a family.  Our Asheville wedding vendors are there to help the wedding team pull off the most spectacular Asheville NC wedding for you!

5) Have some fun.  Let your wedding pros show you how amazing they truly are.  From being featured on the Next Food Network Show to doing makeup for some big deal wedding.. You would be amazed at what these StudioWed Asheville Vendors can do!

Happy planning!