Happy Holidays everyone!!!

2014 has been a great year for StudioWed Asheville!  From the StudioWed family constantly growing, to the Asheville wedding market taking off.. I think it is safe to say that 2014 has been good year for many of us!

All that being said, since the holidays are quickly approaching and 2015 is actually right around the corner…. StudioWed Asheville has some exciting things that are/have happened!

1) This is a big one!  StudioWed Asheville is changing locations!!! Ekkk! We are super excited about this change, the space is gorgeous, and stay tuned for a more detailed blog post about the space.  Don’t worry Asheville brides, we will still be taking good care of you from now until the space is up and ready!

2) Wendy Ballance owner of Blush Asheville will be having a baby! Congratulations to you and wishing you the best of all the adventures to come! xoxo

3) Amanda owner of Hughes Hair Design joined the StudioWed Asheville team, and we can not be more excited to have her join the family!

4) Verge Events and Asheville Marriages have been growing their team.  Like I said before the Asheville wedding market is truly one of the best!

5) Lastly, ShutterBooth Asheville just uploaded on their Facebook page that “big things are coming to ShutterBooth”… hmmm what could it be?  I guess we will have to stay tuned!

I think it is safe to say that all of us have exciting things to come for 2015 and are loving are already booked couples for the new year.


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