When it comes to weddings there are so many details to consider and often the wedding stationery and invitations can become overwhelming. There are so many sizes, paper options, fonts, color choices and embellishments to consider. The options don’t need to consume you, you have too many other things to think about! Sometimes just seeing what options are available all in one place can help ease your mind and decipher what it is that you want for your wedding invitations (and coordinating stationery). We found a great infographic on wedding paper to help you in your quest of wedding perfection. Just knowing how many cards you can cut from a 8.5 in x 11 in piece of paper is invaluable!


image credit :: Kate Marie Paperie

StudioWed Asheville’s wedding stationery store, The Baggie Goose, is a really great resource to help in determining the sizes you would like for your wedding paper pieces as well as designing those pieces, either custom design or from a book. Finding your wedding invitations should be stress free and fun!

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