The ceremony is one of the most special parts of a wedding and rightfully so. It’s when the couple are finally able to say “I do” in front of all their family and friends and join together to create a new family. Asheville wedding musicians, Braidstream, have a wonderful ability to create the perfect ambiance to celebrate your wedding day, from the prelude to the bride’s big entrance to your walk down the aisle as a married couple and even to carry over to the cocktail hour.

Here’s what Braidstream had to say about their favorite part of a wedding: “For musicians, the best part of a wedding is the whole wedding. Weddings elevate music to higher level of accord than most other performance venues. Weddings give the music a spiritual embrace during each aspect of the ceremony. Not to mention that the pre wedding music also a mini concert. Also, inevitably we see members of  the wedding family sometimes years after a wedding and they say, ”you may not remember us but you played for our wedding and here are our children”.  The intimate contact with people is unique.  It does not get any better than that.”

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