When it came time for us to decide what we were going to do to join in some holiday festivities…the ideas were endless!  But when it came down to it, it was very clear what we all really wanted to do.  Give back to our local community, just as we did last year.  Through some of our vendors, we discovered the Veterans Restoration Quarters.  A place where veterans can come to when they need some assistance on getting back on their feet.  Some come home to no family, some are dealing with the emotional toll from being on the front lines, some are getting their life on track and trying to find a job.  No matter what the situation… these men {and women, who are helped at a different facility}, need our help.  These are brave individuals who have gone to war, many on the front line.  The least we can do is try and help them for what they have done for us.  The Veterans Restoration Quarters serves as housing, training, counseling, and serves 3 meals a day, 365 days a year, to 200-250 veterans each day.  Wow!  We knew we had to help.

Wemade pumpkin pies, muffins, cobblers, cookies, packed lunches, and helped prepare that days lunch. Here are a few quick pics of us in the kitchen!

And then it came time to serve the food for lunch.  The guys start coming through the line, young and old.  And they were so gracious, so nice.  They all looked at us, and said thank you.  All we wanted to was look back, and say “no, thank you.  thank you for all you have done for our country.”

So yes, we could be giving you a blog filled with holiday wedding inspirations…But this was our holiday. And it couldn’t have been more perfect.

We, as a family, encourage you to give back.  It doesn’t have to cost any money, just your time.  Find a place in your local community, give them a call, and go volunteer.  In this crazy, crazy world…sharing a little love and kindness feel amazing.  Be sure to follow #26Acts and #StudioWed26 on Twitter as we do the same.

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday, and a wonderful and safe New Year!  See you all in 2013!

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