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August 2011 Archive

Inspired Bride Prize Giveaway: Sassimi Spa Lounger

Today we are featuring a prize giveaway from Sassimi.

Sassimi Spa Loungers were thoughtfully designed to step-in-and-out.  Each Spa Lounger is exceptionally soft inside and out and offers a stylish alternative to an ordinary, bulky bathrobe.  Perfect for the bride and her bridal party.  Embroiders beautifully for personalization.

Two brides will have their choice of either 1 Lucia Spa Lounger or a Catalina Spa Lounger with a retail value of $65-69! In order to be entered to win this prize, you must be registered for the Inspired Bride event. You can register to attend here,  Be sure to check back this Friday for the winner announcement!

Inspired Bride Gifting Suite Sponsor: Sheswai

Today we are featuring Sheswai Lacquer.

“we believe painted nails are wonderful accessories

we believe in hugs and smiles

we believe that boys should paint their nails too

we believe in easy good times

we believe painted fingers and toes don’t need to match

we believe in living eco-chic

we believe in a hand written note…sent in the mail

we believe in magic

we believe in liberty, glamour, and LOVE for all”

Sheswai Lacquer is an eco-chic line of nail polish.

Our formula is 3 FREE (meaning it’s less toxic) and our caps

are custom made from sustainably harvested wood.

Sheswai Lacquer will be featured in the Inspired Bride gifting suite. Register here to attend the Inspired Bride and receive your complimentary bottle of one of the two colors featured on our blog!

Inspired Bride Gifting Suite Sponsor: Anthony For Men

Anthony Logistics For Men offers personal care products specially
formulated for men plus razors and kits. The line was developed after
extensive market research and was conceived as a full line of men’s
personal care products. Quick and easy to use, an essential for most
men, the products offer face, shave, hair and body solutions.

As men continue to look for ways to fight the signs of aging, grooming
products are becoming increasingly essential. Anthony Logistics For Men
has taken into consideration the special needs of men’s skin and has
scientifically developed products using nature based and multi
functional ingredients. This highly functional grooming line addresses a
variety of personal care issues facing men today. Nourishing and
protecting the skin in a safe, simple and efficient manner has become
relevant to the active lifestyles men are living today.

The creative team at Anthony For Men are proud to introduce a new and
innovative brand “Shaveworks(tm)”.

The initial launch consisted of one Hero product, The Cool Fix(tm). This
product is specifically designed to reduce Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps,
Razor Burn and Redness. Although it is targeted to women, it can easily
be used by both sexes as we refer to it as “Gender Neutral.”

The formula consists of a soothing, cooling blue gel which is applied
directly to the bumps. There is no burning or stinging, and the use of
cotton as an applicator is not necessary. This gel formula allows for
precise and easy application unlike a liquid.

Employing an effective combination of active ingredients (Glycolic Acid,
Salicylic Acid and Phytic Acid) this product will exfoliate away dead
skin cells, kill bacteria under the skin and simultaneously dissolve the
dead skin so any hairs trapped underneath the skin can be freed and thus
shaven off. In combination these ingredients help eliminate ingrown
hairs and prevents them from reoccurring.

A high level of a potent moisturizer known as Mediacalm Complex which
contains Boerhavia Root Extract helps to instantly soothe the skin and
reduces redness on contact.

Cool Fix will be featured in our gifting suite at the Inspired Bride event. Also, one lucky groom will win the Here Comes the  Groomed Kit! Register to attend the Inspired Bride here!

W Atlanta Buckhead Prize Winner Announced!

Congratulations to  Nashawn Anderson, you have won a complimentary stay at the W Atlanta Buckhead!  You can pick up your prize at the Inspired Bride event. We look forward to meeting you!

Check back on Monday to see the next prize giveaway. All brides and grooms that are registered for the Inspired Bride are eligible to win!