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Vendor Spotlight: Papered Wonders

One of my favorite components of a wedding is its stationery. You can incorporate your stationery into your wedding in so many ways. Of course there are the save-the-dates and invitations, but there are also your menus, escort cards, favors, programs, seating charts and more. The team at Papered Wonders has over 13 years of experience creating luxury, custom stationery for your wedding. They also specialize in providing stationery for any of your event and business needs. Keep reading to learn more about the incredibly talented and visionary team behind Papered Wonders.

papered wonders papered wonders team

Where you based?
Atlanta, Georgia

Do you offer your services to clients outside of Atlanta?
Yes, we have provided services to many clients outside of Atlanta. We are happy to provide our custom stationery to clients all over the globe!

What do you specialize in?
We specialize in all things paper and graphic design. We offer custom business stationery and collateral as well as social stationery. Perhaps, we are best known for the custom wedding stationery we provide. It is our pleasure to create “papered” dreams for each of our clients as they journey to their wedding day. We love to document the journey from start to finish with purely wondrous inspiration.

custom 7 custom 1

How did you get started and when?
Our founder, Lisa R. Zachery, started designing invitations and other stationery pieces as a hobby. She loved assisting loved ones with life’s celebrations. She began the business part-time in 1995, while working in Corporate America. Papered Wonders, Inc. began to operate as a full-time entity in 2001 and since that time we have grown our client base and have serviced hundreds of brides throughout the years.

How do you customize stationery for your clients?
Our customization process starts at the very beginning. Every piece and detail of stationery, whether business, social or wedding, is a unique combination and representation of the client’s desires and vision. We focus on the intricate details so that each piece of stationery differs from the other and so that the client is fully embodied into the work.

© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography

© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography

© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography

© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography

custom 4 custom 5


What do you offer in addition to invites and save the dates?
We offer all things paper! In regards to wedding stationery, we offer save the dates and thank you cards and everything in between including, but not limited to, wedding invitations, programs, menu cards, escort cards, favors, seating charts, directional signs, banners, keepsake boxes, and the list goes on!

What is your favorite part of the process?
Our favorite part of the process is the process itself! We take great pleasure in working closely with our client throughout the design process. We love interacting with them and learning more about them by learning their distinct preferences. When the journey is over, we are pleased when the client is pleased but saddened that the process has to come to an end. Fortunately, we seek to build relationships so that when one celebration ends and the other begins, we are there to start the process all over again!

 Where do you get inspiration from?
We look to many sources for creative direction, but our greatest inspiration is our clients. So much of our work is dependent upon who the client is and what they seek to convey that they become the driving force for all of our creativity.

What makes you different from other stationery specialists?
We would like to believe that what makes us different is the personal approach we take to business. Rather than viewing our clients as business transactions, we consider them to be an extension of the work we do at Papered Wonders, Inc. We do not merely service our clients, but we seek to serve them and provide them with the absolute best experience possible.


Where can I learn/see more?
You can visit our website, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

How do I contact you?
Phone: 678-384-1500

Vendor Spotlight: One Sound and Entertainment

We recently sat down to interview DJ Mark “Battle”, owner of One Sound and Entertainment. His work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, The Atlantan, Munaluchi Brides Magazine, The and many others! Keep reading to learn more about this incredibly talented DJ, and find out why he was recently named Best DJ and Best Wedding Band/Entertainment of 2014 by Jezebel Magazine.

one sound and ent

Where are you based?
Atlanta, GA

 Do you do weddings/events outside of Atlanta?
I do weddings all over the world. I have 8 destination weddings booked this year and 3 booked for next year already.

How long have you been in business/when did you get started?
One Sound and Entertainment has been around for 9 years but I have been a Dj for over 20 years

What do you love about DJ’ing?
I love being able to control crowds of people. I use music to express myself and I love to convey my feelings to my audience.

mark battle 2









Do you offer services for both weddings and corporate events?

How did you pick the name, “One Sound and Entertainment”?
Because at your next luxury event all you need is one sound.

What is your favorite thing about working with couples?
My favorite part is making new friends. I have lifelong friendships with my past clients. I am still in contact with the first couple whose wedding I did 15 years ago.

What is One Sound and Entertainment’s Style?
We are the Luxury event music specialists that do it with style and class.


What can I expect to receive while working with One Sound and Entertainment?
You will see the utmost display of professionalism. You will see why Martha Stewart magazine named me as one of the top wedding music experts in the country. You will see why Jezebel Magazine named as both, Best Dj in Atlanta and Best Wedding entertainment in Atlanta.

Where can I see/hear more?
You can visit our website and check us out on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

How do I contact you?
Send us an email at

Vendor Spotlight: ShutterBooth Atlanta

Photo Booths have recently taken the event industry by storm. What makes photo booths so popular? Maybe because you can create a custom logo with the name and date of your event, so your guests have something tangible to leave with. Or maybe it is because they have lots of fun backdrops and props to use to entertain your guests. Whatever the reason, you are likely to see a photo booth at many corporate events, social gatherings, and of course at weddings! ShutterBooth Atlanta has the photo booth experience down to a science. Their products, backdrops, props and hosts have enabled them to become a leader in the photo booth industry in Atlanta! Read our interview below with ShutterBooth Atlanta owner, Berlin.


Where are you based?
Our studio is located Midtown Atlanta.  We provide services to events throughout the metro-Atlanta area.

What types of products do you offer?
Watch this short video for a preview of all that ShutterBooth Atlanta has to offer!

What is the experience like for the guests when using the photo booth?
We strive to make each and every ShutterBooth experience amazing and memorable.  Here’s a sneak peek what goes down inside the ShutterBooth.

What are some examples of backdrops you use? 
We have quite a selection.  But here are some of faves!

What kind of props do you offer?
In our prop box, our clients and their guests will find a random (yet plentiful) selection of goofy hats, glasses, boas and other costumes to make their picture-taking experience fun and interactive. Clients can also select our custom props option where we create and provide props to match the theme and decor of the event.

Can the pictures be uploaded to social media?
Yes, via our Shutter & Share service. Shutter Share lets your guests email their photos and post them online to Facebook in a matter of seconds after stepping out of the Booth.

ShutterBooth Shutter Share

ShutterBooth Shutter Share

Where can I learn/see more? 
On our website –

How do I contact and follow you?
We are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest