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September 2015 Archive

StudioWed Gives Back: Volunteer Day at Open Hand Atlanta


Left to right: Erin Palermo from Hi Note, Eleanor Simmons from Nuage Designs, Michelle Gainey from Lemiga Events, Kate Donachy from The Modern Gent, Studio Manager Mandi Mitchell and interns Annie Daniell and Gabrielle Vasquez

















On Wednesday morning, several vendors and staff members from StudioWed woke up bright and early to volunteer at Open Hand Atlanta. For 25 years, Open Hand has focused on cooking and distributing balanced meals for those in need across the Metro Atlanta area.  On a typical day, the organization makes over 5,000 meals, and along with volunteers from Home Depot and the wonderful staff, we made 2,074 of those in three hours!


open hand4

open hand3










open hand2














As we continued to pack meals, it was amazing to see how much food was produced. Both quality and quantity are important to Open Hand; everything is freshly cooked and must adhere to specific nutritional guidelines based on their clients’ dietary needs.


Home Depot_Studio Wed 2












Here at StudioWed, we’re dedicated to incorporating teamwork, passion and hard work into everything we do. It was an honor to give back to the community by working with such a great cause. If you’d like to learn more about our company culture and The StudioWed Way, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about Open Hand Atlanta, be sure to visit their website!


Play That Funky Music White Boy

While brides tend to get lost in color schemes and fonts, one must never forget the importance of a well-respected and interactive DJ.

I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to that are spectacular to “oh” and “ah” over, but completely lacked an involved and high-energy DJ. It is easy to underestimate the importance of an outgoing individual whose sole job is to make sure you and your guest have a memorable time and dance the night away.

AMP’D Entertainment has an indisputable track record of such. For months, I had been hearing just how fantastic they were that I finally had to see it for myself. After all, I’m such a stickler when it comes to the atmosphere of an event. I know a good time when I see one.

AMP’D Entertainment put on a special showcase at the Skylounge located in the Glenn Hotel and…well, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:


DJ Mike Walsh makes spinning those 1’s and 2’s look easy. Don’t get me wrong, you wont find me behind that table. People can only take so much of my lip-syncing and bad dance moves. I’ll leave it to the professionals.


Those killer beats really had some guests reconsidering every Michael Jackson remix they’ve heard.


I cannot stress just how important an atmosphere is. Music, audience engagement and high energy can either make or break your event. While your floral arrangement may be to die for, that terrible remix of your favorite Billy Idol song and your DJ’s refusal to take requests will absolutely trump.

Make sure you and your guest leave only because last call was announced over an hour ago, but have yet to exit cause you’re really digging that never ending conga line.

The fellas at AMP’D Entertainment sure seem to know what they’re doing and they’re having too much fun in the process!

Pushing the Envelope: Five Unique Designs by Hi Note

No two weddings are exactly alike; everything from the couples’ clothes to their cake can reflect their unique personality. Why should their wedding stationery be any different? If you need anything on paper (or even engraved in wood), Hi Note can create exclusive designs that you and your guests will treasure for years to come. Here are just a few of our personal favorites.


  1. Urban Chic Stationery Suite

hi note urbanchicshoot


If you don’t prefer the lace and frills of a traditional wedding, stationery such as Hi Note’s Urban Chic suite would be a great way to showcase your unconventional style. The red and gold accents blend beautifully with the dark, gritty theme for a design that stands out from the crowd.


2. Champagne Flute Escort Cards

hi note champagne flute escort cards

















Whether you want to save a bit of table space or just want something different, these escort cards will add an extra element of sophistication to your wedding reception.


3. Passport Wedding Invitations

hi note passport













This passport inspired invitation set is perfect for a destination wedding. From the vibrant colors to the laser cut accents, your loved ones will wish they could use these as the real thing.


4. Wood Engravings

hi note 2












Wood engravings can add a rustic touch to the atmosphere of your reception. Whether they’re used as table numbers or a decorative medallion, these engravings would serve as the perfect conversation piece.


5. Watercolor Floral Suite
hi note watercolor floral suite3hi note watercolor floral suite2






























From the moment they open the envelope, your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of this whimsical floral design. The gold accents and textured wood pattern in the background add a sophisticated flair to this already beautiful invitation.


If you’re inspired by Hi Note’s designs and would like one of your own, email Erin Palermo to set up an appointment. Be sure to check out Hi Note on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what goes on behind the scenes!




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