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Meet the designer of Foglio Press!

Foglio Press was founded in 2009 by Sarah Sorrentino, based on a love for classic invitations and stationery, updated for the modern bride and groom and paper enthusiast. Stationed in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Sarah works hard to ensure that everything she creates is crafted together with patients and detail. Whatever the occasion may be, your fine custom invitations, announcements and stationery will be nothing less then perfect for your special day.

The Hashtag to add to your wedding: Hi Note

I’m sure during this wedding season we have all seen the really cute engagement and wedding announcements all over social media. Couples are using social media to blast to their families and friends about their upcoming nuptials. The trend this season has been adding a cute hashtag to all of the posts about the upcoming wedding. Everyone in the bridal party and even the guests to the events use the hashtag as a way to keep all of the memories shared on social media together with one click. Some examples of wedding hashtags are #GettingtoGibson , #HappilyEverHatten, #GoingGreen, and the creativity continues. Now when you log on to Instagram and click on the hashtag, you can keep up with everyone’s posts from the engagement party all the way up to the big day. The Hashtag is not only for social media use, but some couples have also included their creative hashtags on their stationery and décor for the wedding. For example, at the end of the invitation, you can add your hashtag and say “Follow up with all of our memories on social media, #GoingGreen”. StudioWed vendor, Hi Note is an exemplary company that provides great quality stationary for any event, but especially weddings. If you are looking to include a unique hashtag to your social media memories or wedding stationary, Hi Note would be the company for you.  You can head over to their website to check out their portfolio or to their social media accounts @yourHiNote

Hi Note Picture 1


You are cordially invited…

What’s a celebration without guests? When planning your wedding, the sending of the ‘Save the Dates’ and the invitations make it seem all the more real. The invites are what help set the tone for the wedding for all of your guests, and will make them even more excited to celebrate with you. Invites are your way of showing your personal flair as well as help portray any themes or color choices you’ve made for your big day. Below are a couple of examples of what our print vendors here at StudioWed can do to make your summer wedding invites a hit among all of your guests.

Papered Wonders Picture 2

Papered Wonders Picture 1

Photos by Papered Wonders Inc.

Foglio Picture 1

Foglio Picture 2

Photos by Foglio Press

Hi Note Picture 1

Hi Note Picture 2

Photos by Hi Note

These incredible vendors are capable of creating that first glimpse into your wedding. Some creations for your big day can include not only ‘Save the Dates’ and invites, but also programs, table numbers, place cards, Coozies, welcome packets, and the list goes on! Contact them directly for pricing and to start your custom invites!

Papered Wonders  | Foglio Press  |  Hi Note

MEET The StudioWed Vendors Series: Papered Wonders, Inc.

First impressions are everything! Your wedding invitations are the first impression your guest have of you on your big day! You want your invitations to be a breathtaking keepsake! Plain and simple you want your invitations to be  “#weddinggoals!” Think of your wedding invitations as the trailer to your big day! You want something that will grab the attention of your guest and have them waiting on the edge of their seats.  According to Wedding Lovely, there are three important factors to consider when creating your wedding invitations, “Setting the Tone, Creating Anticipation and Excitement, and Providing Pertinent Information.”

Let the amazing stationary design team at  Papered Wonders, Inc. handle the creative printing for you!


Photos by Papered Wonders Inc


June 13, 2015_191818.jpg                                                                           Photos by Papered Wonders, INC.


Papered Wonders, INC. is a custom design and print studio that takes pleasure in creating quintessential stationery for each of their unique clients.  Lisa Zachery and April Davenport are the creative minds behind the unique perspective of Papered Wonders, INC.  invitation designs.


                                                                              Photo by Papered Wonders, INC.

“At Papered Wonders, we allow your design and print dreams to take flight. We engage in a specialized process that ensures each piece of stationery, whether professional or personal, speaks to who you really are. Your uniqueness is the catalyst for every “papered wonder” that we create. Each of our clients is purely wondrous inspiration for what we do at Papered Wonders, Inc. We transform your papered dreams into papered realities.”

                                                                               Photo by Papered Wonders, INC.

Bridal_Extravaganza3_RaeLeythamPhotography_BridalExtrav220.jpg                                                                                Photo by Papered Wonders, INC.

Be sure to check out the dynmaic duo of Papered Wonders, Inc. for your future events!