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June 2012 Archive

Tuesday's Tokens: ShutterBooth Atlanta

We all know the details make the wedding, and we all know that the favors are one detail that can’t be overlooked. So, in case your creativity is stretched to the limit with tablescapes, floral design, and shopping for THE dress, we’ve done the legwork for you. Stop by every Tuesday to join in on the chatter surrounding our favorite tokens! This week, we feature ShutterBooth Atlanta.

ShutterBooth is just that- a photobooth! We all remember the stands at the mall and movie theater back in the day, but think classy and just grown up enough to be the perfect touch to your wedding. With customizable sets of props, skins for the booth itself, and custom logos on the photo strips, this interactive favor is surely not one to be left behind on the table. ShutterBooth also takes these photo strip favors one step further with photo guestbook and scrapbook options. More than ineligible scribbles, these books full of picture memories will sit on your coffee tables for years to come.

The photobooth with a custom skin.

This bride and groom hopped in the booth themselves!

To see more of what ShutterBooth has to offer check out this video and digital scrapbook.

Perfect Palettes: Tangerine

As you’re planning every detail of your wedding, color is something that comes up a lot. You want the color scheme at your wedding and reception to express your personality, but go along with the location and season of your wedding as well. Sometimes it can be tough to determine which colors look best together and how much of a color to use. Well don’t fret, we’re here to spotlight the most popular color palettes and let you know which ones are trending this summer so when your wedding comes around you’ll know exactly which colors are right for you!

TANGERINE is the pantone color of the year and perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. Orange has become increasingly popular over the years, but while orange can come on a bit strong for your perfect palette, tangerine is a more attractive shade. It’s exotic, but also bright and fun and can be paired with a variety of different colors depending on the look you want.

The wedding featured below is a great example of  how tangerine can be used. EDGE Design Group combined it with purples and pinks in the floral arrangements and the event design to make for a gorgeous wedding by the lake!

To learn more about EDGE Design Group and see more of their work visit

Photos by KreativTouch Photography

My Morning Blast

So this morning, I woke up (begrudgingly) early, channeled my best SmartWater Jennifer Aniston, put on a (in my opinion) cute workout uniform and set out to experience Blast900 at their shiny, new Dunwoody studio. Since we’re inviting all of you new brides out to break a sweat with us, I figured it was only logical to give it a whirl beforehand!

Well, first off, it was already 84 degrees outside when I left the comforts of my apartment. This means I was already sweating. When I pulled into the parking lot, I chugged my last sip of water (knowing I was already losing it at a rapid pace) and entered into the icebox of intensity (literally, it was beyond refreshingly cold in the gym). And I won’t take credit for this name… my instructor Richard Shaw greeted me with enough energy for our entire bed-headed class saying, “Welcome to the icebox… ready to workout!?”

The studio is super cool, though. Tons of space to spread out, walls of pristine treadmills (the lingo here is “treds”), walls of colored weights, mats, bands and yoga balls and a soundtrack that makes it pretty easy to feel like you’re excited about the impending workout of your life. Bottom-line? I’m ready to rock this out.

The class begins with a short workout on running wheels… Richard turned up the volume and with the help of LMFAO, we exercised some serious morning blahs out going up and down a small hill for ten minutes. Then, with the clap of his hands (and a much-needed) invitation to stop running, we jump to the floor, grab a pair of dumbbells and rep out an all-over body warm-up to really get the blood pumping and the muscles loose. The best part about Blast is that you waste no time gathering up equipment. Instructors have everything set up and ready to go before the class starts. Varied weights, benches, DynaMax balls (thank goodness we didn’t use those today!) or whatever else. They also stock you with a fresh water bottle and sweat towel, so you have absolutely NO excuse to take a break (really tired wink).

With 20 minutes off the clock, we started 2-minute intervals between the treds and the floor. Two minutes working our way up a 24% incline, then 2 minutes of intense muscle-group focus (arms, back, legs all separated). The remainder of the two-minute treds were filled with alternating hills, sprints, and endurance testing.

Here’s where I have to be honest for a second… I was definitely winded, pooped and ready to pay someone to let me quit… BUT, the fact that the intervals are SO short, I could make it to the break without stopping. And we still worked out for an entire hour. My legs were shaking, my arms were jelly and my lungs were burning–but, you know what–despite my self-inflicted negativity, I did it. And I really do feel like I just had the workout of my life (900 calories, to be exact!)

It’s doable, it’s fun, it’s challenging but it’s wholly enlightening. Here we are almost 4 hours past and I’m still full of energy and ready to tackle my day (and maybe some potato chips) with gusto.

I really can’t wait for you guys to join us next week – Whether you’re the bride or walking down the aisle with one, they’ve got a customized package that gets you breathing hard and toning up before the big day. Plus, they’ve just added an entire nutrition team to the staff that can help you get the most out of your new regimen.

So, quit your excusing, halt the doubt and LET’S. WORK. OUT. Yeah!

There are still some spots left for the kickoff Bridal Blast Class… Happening NEXT Wednesday, the 20th from 6-8pm (class starts at 6:30pm) at the Dunwoody Studio. Sign up here and start getting pumped up!

From Weddings to Runways with Scoobie West

Hair and Makeup are what make a bride feel beautiful on her big day and Scoobie West does just that! From weddings to photo shoots to runway shows Scoobie West has done it all. His goal is to provide his clients with a unique experience and to fulfill all of their expectations. Scoobie works with all kinds of styles from classic to eclectic and makes the client’s vision his own. See Scoobie in action below!

To learn more about Scoobie West and to check out his portfolio visit!