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July 2012 Archive

We're having a bridal blast!

Word’s out… we’re getting in shape for the big day and having way more fun than we used to doing it. The secret? Social sweating – okay that’s not quite as glamorous as I would have liked it to sound… but it’s true. We launched StudioWed’s new Bridal Boot Camp series last month to promote a healthy lifestyle and fit trip down the aisle. The catch is that we’ve realized it’s WAY more fun to work out with your friends and get in a few giggles between reps than it is to burn calories all by yourself on a never-ending treadmill session. It’s also a lot more realistic to think we’ll stick with it once the wedding (and our excuse to get fit) is over if it was absolutely awesome to do in the first place. It’s like book club… but with an increased heart rate.

Wanted to share a few pics from the premier class at Blast 900. Those ladies KNOW how to get you sweating, challenge your endurance and promise toned up looks for the big day.

…Plus the post-workout Skinnygirl cocktails offered some serious motivation to go all out.

Hope to see you at CHAOS Conditioning in Buckhead for the next round of boot camp! Sign up to join us on Tuesday, August 14th at 7pm… Hope to see you sweat!

It's All in the Drape

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