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September 2013 Archive

Tell Your Life Story… In A Scrapbook!

Founder Becky Higgins (the Becky Higgins of Becky Higgins Project Life) says that she is “passionate about helping others cultivate a good life, and record it.”

Basically, she is the world’s best scrapbooker and has an entire line ready to share her secret to success with people everywhere. This line is called Project Life and includes an “ultra-simple solution” to get your pictures
into the albums you have stashed away, without draining your time, energy and (most importantly) your wallets. You can ditch your Pinterest-whiz envy and create your own adorable, craft-queen style scrapbooks.

And BRIDES can design a wedding journey memory book to keep on their coffee tables forever. In fact, one lucky bride will win the Project Life Starter Kit (the album, the core kit and a pack of big pocket pages) at The Inspired Bride on Sunday. They can design their own book, a book to gift her parents, a surprise book for her groom or whatever you can think up!

Make sure you’re registered online at – Only a few days left to get on the list!

Get Thirsty to the Kor

A water bottle is a water bottle, right?

Wrong. If you’re still saying that, you clearly haven’t sipped your H2O with Kor – This is a company that’s doing way (WAY) more to make you a sophisticated sipper. You can read about their powerful mission to make the world a healthier place online here, but the bottom line is that they’re creating “hydration vessels” that make you WANT to get the water you need, they make them from harmless, high-grade materials and they pay it forward to make sure its consumers are actively aware of the global water issues that exist today.

Owning a Kor water bottle is also something truly communal. They’ve got a sweet line of clothing, absorption stones and accessories to keep your mind on the magic of staying nourished, naturally.

And what’s even better? Brides (yes, that’s you!!!) who register and attend The Inspired Bride will receive a Kor hydration vessel for their celebrity-level gift bag inside our Gifting Suite! Amongst hundreds of cool items, you can feel pretty darn good about yourself when you know your new (fashionable) thirst accesory is doing some serious good around the world.

Not registered? Only a few days left – Sign up at

What Doie You Want to Wear?

We know you’re updating your “delicates” drawer before the big day. And while you may be collecting numerous little nothings, here’s something on the practical side that doesn’t sacrifice the “sexy.”

Doie Lounge designed its line of silk robes with the idea of hanging out in haute couture-style, but they also created a line that the bride could share with her maids… whether getting pampered on a bachelorette weekend, prepping for the big day or recovering from the rockin’ dance floor.

The prints, patterns and fabric are soft, chic and wearable, long after wedding-day festivities have passed. Check out the entire line here where you can shop for yourself or your maids. But, for a chance to win one of these silky somethings for yourself, join me at The Inspired Bride THIS SUNDAY (woohoo!!!) at W Hotel Midtown.

Register at – I’ll see you there!

Sugar is Sweet… And Sensational Decor

A tasty treat is never complete without a cherry on top, right? But now that you’ve developed a sophisticated style, how do you finish off a sugary scape with the same level of distinction?

Chambre de Sucre designs and creates an entire line of decorative sugar that adds that perfect amount of pop to a cup of tea, a decadent dessert or a sweet serving of coffee (and that’s just what I came up with off the top of my head).

So, what makes this stuff better than what you can buy at Michael’s? The Chambre de Sucre sugars are handcrafted by one of the oldest family-owned businesses in Japan with the highest quality sugar possible. They are over 270 years old and have provided the Royal Family in Japan with their sugar since the time of the Shogun (seriously!). Japanese artisans still use traditional methods to create this luxurious sugar for your cups of tea and coffee.

Ready for a taste? You guessed it – During your jaunt through our celebrity-style gifting suite you can grab a sample of these gorgeous indulgences to take home with you and try for yourself! But, only registered brides can step into the gifting suite, so make sure you’re registered at!