Time to meet another Asheville NC wedding professional, Margaux Schrager! Margaux is the owner of the beautiful bridal boutique,  Wildflower Bridal, located in Biltmore Park.  Here are some fun facts about her.

A fun fact about you? I am related to Fred Savage (The Wonder Years), but don’t ask me how because it’s too complicated!

What are three items you can’t live with out? Music, chocolate, wedge sandals

If you were a crayon what color would you be? Chartreuse

What would be your dream concert to attend?  I would have loved to have gone to one of Levon Helms’ weekly gigs at his home at The Rhyman.

If you could invite three famous people to have dinner with you who would it be?  I love to laugh, so Louis C. K., Michael Kors (have you seen him on Project Runway? He is hilarious!), and Ellen Degeneris.

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