There are so many wonderful things about StudioWed Asheville that we just love.  That being said, here is a list of why we think StudioWed Asheville is so awesome!

1) The team :: The wedding vendors of StudioWed truly really support one another.  If something goes wrong the day off, another vendor will go out of their way to bring them what they need, or even fix it!

2) Think Tank :: Everyone is so creative.  Once a month we all get together and share ideas and thoughts.

3) The office space :: We love it when meetings take place at StudioWed Asheville.  It is a way for us to not only see each other, but also meet the happy couple, and help them with setting up meetings/wedding ideas.

4) Need help :: If you need help with recommendations for you Asheville NC wedding… Just ask! We are happy to help!

5) Let them be creative :: These wedding pros are REALLY good at what they do… Let them have some freedom to be creative.  You will be amazed with what they can come up with.

6) Need a drink :: We have a fully stocked fridge.  From beer/champagne to soda and water… Just sit back and relax!

7) Let us book your meetings for you :: Shoot us an email on the StudioWed Asheville site.   We will then be in contact with you and find out what you are looking for.   From there we will set up all your meetings.

8) Style :: Each vendor has their own style and what they are best at.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  I bet we can help!

9) Love product :: StudioWedBox is a sister company to StudioWed.  A monthly subscription box for the happy couple!

10) StudioWed Asheville services are… free!


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