If there’s one thing you learn about StudioWed (other than the ability to plan your wedding without a hitch), it’s that we’ve got a huge hankering for snacks… all of the time. If you’ve ever stopped by our space, you’ve seen first hand that we’re always “taste-tasting” as we like to call it, or we’re joining in on a consultation, or we’re pigging out on leftover consultation cake and goodies.


So, its no wonder we’ve brought people who know exactly how to satisfy those hankerings for The Inspired Bride.

The Intercontinental provides one of their most popular hors d’oeuvres and sets up their signature doughnut station, so you’ve got hot and ready, right there at the celebration.

Freckled and Blue, StudioWed’s newest kid on the block brings it’s southern flair to the catering side of things with one-bites that already have my mouth watering.

Cakes, of course, get a lot of attention when it comes to the wedding, so we’ve made sure our sugar mommas are bringing their best to the event’s table. For Goodness Cakes shows what style actually tastes like with their gorgeous cake in the Valentino vignette… And, proves that they’ve got the ability to work out seasoned style for more than just your stiletto wearers, with another sweets station in the Kate Spade vignette. Ramona and her bakery bunch tantalize with a classic twist on preppy in the Ralph Lauren section, but also round out our style icons with a Chanel-inspired confection. And if you haven’t reached your sugar coma yet, don’t miss a tasty treat from Tristen with Sift! Dessert Boutique, who complements the Valentino runway with something worth throwing away your modeling career.