How many of you knew that we have a Nuage Designs showroom right inside of StudioWed-Atlanta? Nuage Designs has two other showrooms in New York and Miami, so StudioWed is pleased to represent them in Atlanta! Brides love coming in and looking through the racks of gorgeous specialty linens. Our friend and Nuage Account Executive, Eleanor Simmons, can help you with any of your linen needs. Today she serves as our Vendor Expert in a post on why you may want to consider specialty linens for your big day.

Why should I bother with specialty linens if my venue provides white tablecloths?

Incorporating specialty linens is one of the most effective ways to express your personality at your wedding reception. Rather than using a solid white linen that is provided by the facility and simply disappears in a room, a colored or textured linen establishes a mood, demonstrates your color palette, and provides an intentional foundation for the many details throughout the room.

Just as your wardrobe is unique to you, so should be your table linens. An engaged couple in search of a feminine, romantic feel may choose soft textures like organza, lace and tulle in tones like cream, blush, or champagne; glamorous types will gravitate towards sequins and beading, and those with modern tastes might choose a bold print or vibrant colors.

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Even with simple centerpieces, a specialty linen can provide tremendous impact in a room. Each textile expresses a unique feeling that can really influence the event!

For a budget-conscious couple, choosing a few key places to feature a specialty linen is a great way to incorporate a personal touch without overextending yourself. I recommend prioritizing your specialty linen budget in places that will receive the most exposure, especially on any table that will be heavily photographed. Cake tables, sweetheart or head tables, and escort card tables are all areas that will be focal points throughout the night so consider something special for those tables.

Finally, if you just can’t seem to find a linen that really expresses who you are, consider going completely custom! Nuage Designs offers complete customization for all kinds of elements including table linens, chair covers, napkins, napkin accessories, and even pillows. Custom linens are an investment, but their one-of-a-kind nature has the ability to set your reception apart.

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