We know that picking a caterer for your wedding or event can be a daunting task. Food is one of the most important elements of a wedding. Sure you want the florals and decor to be gorgeous, your hair and makeup to be flawless, your vows to be perfect, but you also really want your guests to enjoy their meal! Our friends at Freckled and Blue  have given us some insight in to what you need to know before you contact caterers.

What should a couple know before booking their caterer?
Before you book a caterer, a couple should know the top line details of their event such as date/time, location and expected number of guests. Another important factor that many couples are unsure of initially is their budget. Budgets are extremely important in setting realistic expectations between a caterer and a wedding client. Finally, it is good for a couple to have an idea of what style of catering they are seeking. Are they looking for multi-course plated meal, a buffet, appetizers only, etc? Determining how they want there food served at their reception goes a long way into finding the right caterer to execute their needs.

How far in advance of my wedding should I contact caterers? Have a tasting? 
We need at least two months notice to have time to plan out a menu, do a tasting and execute an agreement. Many of our wedding clients reach out to us 3-6 months in advance which is more than enough time. The time it takes to go through our catering process also largely depends on the couple’s availability and their knowledge regarding specifics of their reception details. Items such as budget and style of catering should be ironed out before reaching out to a caterer so that the process can move more efficiently.