So, it’s less than a week until our signature events opens its doors to brides, grooms and their guests for an afternoon of everything elegant and envious. Our team here rendezvoused to chat about how we could show our excitement, and the answer was unanimous—social media!

So, we’ve got a little in-house contest happening here at the studio… But, what’s anything without interaction with our actual brides?


Photography by The Willetts

Photography by The Willetts


That said, pop your knuckles, stretch your text fingers and let’s get to it—Starting now, brides, help us promote this event to your fellow engaged friends and family. Post the graphic on Instagram, share your excitement status on Facebook and tweet the titillating details we are sharing on our own feeds.  Use the hashtag #swinspired and tag the vendors you’re most excited to see!

Your words and pics will pop up on our live feed at the event, and we’ll be treating brides who show off that they’re as excited as we are.

So, make sure you’re registered for the event at and then start posting, sharing and checking in as much as you can.

Can’t wait to see you at the event! Have questions? Email us at