With as many unforgettable, timeless, memorable moments you’re about to experience on your big day… let’s get you set up with something just as substantial to preserve them in.

We’ve just seen the tip of the ice berg with the goodies that have arrived at the studio in the last week… And as another teasing notch on our belt, today we got a STUNNING (I’m not kidding–it’s actually glistening) 8 x 10″ Sterling Silver Frame from Michael Aram Inc.. Known for their coveted luxury home decor items, this piece ¬†will impress, even after the wedding excitement has died down… Not to mention it’s going to look ridiculously sophisticated in your new home!

This item is up for grabs in our Inspired Bride pre-event giveaway, starting in August! The catch? Only registered brides are eligible to win. Sign up now at studiowedinspired.eventbrite.com to qualify!