Don’t be dull. Answer your calls in Cellairis style.

Here’s something fun that both you and your boo can enjoy before the big day! Cellairis creates unique, personality-punch covers for your iPhone that will make fellow chatters insanely envious. They’ve donated two gift packs to our registered couples, meaning a flashy sparkle for her and a custom case for him.

Here’s the details on what the lucky winners (there will be two of them!) will receive…

A Cool Cellairis DeBari Cover- Innovative and stylish DeBari™ case brings a timeless glamour to any personal style with multiple color selections and designs. Choose the simple and elegant white crystal case or snag your “something blue” for a great style addition on your big day!

Collect on a Cellairis Shout! Card – Cellairis Shout! is an easy-to-use tool for creating personalized cell phone cases perfect for the groom, (or as a gift to your wedding party). It allows consumers to upload their favorite pictures or images, customize templates with varying fonts and colors and purchase directly through the Cellairis website or via the app.

Make sure you’re registered online at and get ready to win (and talk!)