Greetings Brides and Readers!

I hope you’ve had such a wonderful holiday season and rang in the new year with plenty of enthusiastic anticipation for what’s to come in 2012!

For starters, 2012 brings ME into the studio! Some of you’ve met me already, but to make a formal introduction, I am Jenni Williams, your new StudioWed Manager! I come from several years working as a Marketing and Event guru for The Atlantan Brides Magazine and before that had my hands in a few things with Allure, Bon Appetit and even before that, Southern Living. I am so excited to be back in the wedding biz and even more excited to help you all plan the wedding of your dreams!

Oh, and there is one other little thing I need to mention… I am engaged too! I said yes to my sweetie on October 15th, and we’re set to wed this coming April! Look out for weekly updates on my own wedding, being planned inside the walls of StudioWed with the help and talent of some of our fantastic vendors.

We’re continuing our Dress Du Jour posts, delivering pops of nuptial fashion every week to inspire you and your party. Look for giveaways and reader contests every month, stay tuned for updates on some of our special events and check out some highlights from the weddings and events happening at the hands of the creative team!

…As you can see the fun never stops at StudioWed and this is your home to make sure you don’t miss out on ANY of it!

Look forward to walking the aisle with you!