Confession: I’ve never been skiing. Or snowboarding. Or even seen any amount of snow capable of being sledded upon, whether you’re using a legitimate sled or the upside-down top of a trash can. So, when I started looking for a luxury ski resort to feature on the blog (and add to my personal Travel List), I relied heavily on recommendations and reviews. Who came out on top? Capella Telluride.

Capella Telluride is Telluride’s first true luxury hotel. Located high in Mountain Village, it features a restaurant, a bar, a cafe, a spa and fitness center, and of course, the beautiful outdoors. It’s located near town restaurants and sightseeing, and they offer many options other hotels do not, like complimentary drinks in the lobby and in your room, ski boot warming, and more.

Take a look at this breathtaking landscape (hint: it is just as beautiful in the summer for you warm weather brides!).

Now I need to learn how to ski, and I’m set! All photos via Capella Telluride.