Recently engaged? Ready to send out those “Save the Date” invitations? Check out the hottest trends in the industry and book a meeting with Papered Wonders, Inc. to create a unique invitation and to get your guest excited for the big day too!

Envelope Liners

What is usually the first thing you see when opening an invitation? The inner layer of the envelope is often forgotten or left untouched. One of the current trends takes advantage of that inner layer by adding an extra element or design. It not only adds a finishing touch, but it’s the perfect way to enhance the invitation.


Photo by Jupiter and Juno

Geometric Details

Looking for a modern or nontraditional invitation? Bold lines, triangles, squares, and even bright colors are only a few ideas that can create an edgy look.


Photo by Invitations By Dawn


Hand-drawn maps that represent your hometown or state is a fun way to get your guests involved and excited for the big day! Including details such as the location of the ceremony and reception by using iconic symbols is a great addition.


Photo by Jolly Edition


Over the years monograms have really become popular. They are taking on a new, fresh look by adding components that truly express the bride and groom. Go the extra mile by adding monograms not only to the invitations but to other items such as cocktail napkins.


Photo by Nico and Lala


Now that you’re familiar with a few of the hottest trends, go book a meeting with Papered Wonders, Inc.. to design your one of a kind invitation!