Hellooooo Readers! I am home! Back in the studio and ready to spill the deets of my big day with anyone who is willing to listen. Images are in the works, so this is just a typography teaser, but couldn’t wait to get back in touch with all of you!

My first thought since being back? Is it really all over? And, What the heck do I do now?

The obsessing, the worrying, the sleepless nights, the nail biting… Just kidding. I have to say that my engagement journey was one for the books. Yes, I can’t deny a few bouts with tears, but with the dream team of creative geniuses and problem solvers I had with me, looking back it was a piece of cake! And a whole lot of fun.

Here are the highlights…

Event Drapery manifested a show-stopping drape spanning the width of the “ballroom” in the gallery. I have never seen it anywhere else, and no one could stop talking about it!

Foglio Press pulled through with elegant day-of stationery, from delicately assembled programs to a positively vintage candy bar sign.

The Savage Garden and I Do Linens (CHAMPS!) created what (in my oh so modest opinion) the most beautiful group of tables I have EVER seen in my life. I even had a friend inspired to take the ideas into her own home!

Endive delivered (as usual) some of the best wedding food that exists out there. Anyone I’ve talked to since we got back has said it was the best wedding food they’ve ever had!

Livin’ Large, I have an announcement to make… You may have a new groupie on the way. Your Beatles covers were perfect and you kept everyone on their feet and smiling. I can’t wait to see some of the moves caught on film.

Shutterbooth, you gave me a platform to see a whole new side of some of our friends. The memory book will NEVER leave our coffee table!

For Goodness Cakes, although I only got one bite of my cake, it was hands-down a highlight to the evening. Rich, delicious, moist and decadent. I can’t wait to order more cakes from you… I may not even justify it with an occasion.

Obviously, Settee created such a nice point for people to ooh and ahh over with the rustic farm tables, giving the elegant room a hint of character.

And I am sure it goes without saying, but I am going to shout it from the rooftops, Lemiga Events is an absolute dream. I never worried about ONE thing on my wedding day. She brought me peace of mind to have the best night of my life… and even brought me to tears with how it all came together. I cannot even begin to say enough good things about the experience with her… and not for one second to I hesitate in admitting I was thankful to have hired a wedding planner.

Now, readers, you’re saying, BUT WHEN CAN WE SEE IT? I will have your coverage very soon and probably won’t be able to stop sharing it. So, sit tight, check out the sneak peeks on Facebook and Twitter and get ready to covet the StudioWed wedding of year (so modest)!!